Splash into Summer 2014 Round-Up (And Survey Results!)

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Everyone, thank you SO MUCH for participating in Splash into Summer!

Emily, Dani and I have had so much fun with you guys, and we hope you have as well!

Please leave a comment if you'd like to see anything changed or added during 2015's 5-year anniversary! (WOW!) Is there anything we have too much/little of?

Also!!! Here are the results for the survey we put together. 
Your answers made me chuckle!

Some answers were left blank or the same, so here's a list of compiled unique answers!

Ariel gave up her voice to become a human. What would you give up if offered the opportunity to be a mermaid?

My fear of deep water.

My real life friends, obviously. Or my life as a human in general?

I love to cook. I would give up my ability to cook to be a mermaid. Honestly, this isn't really a big sacrifice since I have no idea how I'd cook underwater, anyway.

If you could be a mermaid for a day, what would you do?

I don't even know where to start on this one. There are so many things I'd love to do as a mermaid. I'd probably begin by spending an hour or so simply teasing humans with mermaid sightings to make sure the mermaid myth gets some attention (and perhaps is overthrown), then I'd swim with the dolphins and other friendly fish. Last, I try to find Atlantis or more underwater cities to hang out the mer-folk.

Explore as much as I can! I would love to see some sunken ships!

Pal around with the Pacific Northwest orcas!

If you were a selkie, where would you hide your skin so no one could find it?

I would hide it in a hidden wall at my grandparent's house

I'm going to trust you not to tell. I've never understood my brethren's foolish compulsion to hide their skins, their live in fear as long as they are separated from them. In this modern age of clever tailors, there is no need to ever be separated from your skin. I simply maintain a plethora of complexly designed clothing and clever accessories. Think of all the bags with hidden compartments for guns...get the picture?

Inside one of my beat-up old costumes.
What is the best underwater treasure you own?

I love how there are two interpretations for this answer!
For those of you who responded as mermaids, the answers were:

As a mermaid, my greatest underwater treasure is easily my home.

Probably a necklace found in one sunken ship I explored ;)

And for those of you responding as what you actually own as humans:

I have really nice coral earrings

A string of pearls.
What is your favorite type of underwater creature?

Orca whales

I don't think I have a single favorite underwater creature. I love so many. I do love powerful godlike entities, though.

I love cuttlefish


What is your favorite underwater novel or movie?

Other than The Little Mermaid...well, I just finished Of Poseidon, which I loved, but I also really enjoyed Forgive My Fins

Dark Life, by Kat Falls

Syrena trilogy by Anna Banks (only mermaid books I've read so far) and of course, The Little Mermaid. Childhood favorite <3 b="">

Dolphin or Sea Lion?

The universal answer was...


Kelpie or Narwhal?

50/50 Split!

Seashells or starfish?

50/50 Split!

The Little Mermaid: Hans Christian Andersen or Disney?

2/3 prefer Hans Christian Andersen and 1/3 prefer the Disney version!

Want EVEN MORE mermaids and friends?  Most Thursdays, I run a feature entitled "A Twist in the Tail" for all things mythological, as well as fairy tales, mermaids, classic retellings, etc. 

Love fairy tales and mythology?
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Enjoy when a beloved classic tale is retold?
A Twist in the Tail Thursdays features all this and more!

Here's what you might have missed 
during this year's
Splash into Summer:

(And here's what you missed at Oh Magic Hour The below round-up list is only from ABS!)

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*"Mermaids: Swimming from Fiction to Real Life" with guest poster W.Memes
* "Coral & Bone Epic Playlist" by Author Tiffany Daune
*"Mermaid Statues From Around The World" by blogger The Flashlight Reader
*"To Tail or Not to Tail…" by Author J. Kathleen Cheney
*"Russian Rusalki" with DREAMING ANASTASIA Author Joy Preble
*Behind the Scenes with Author Soman Chainani on the Mermaid Spotting in A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES!
*Zoraida Córdova (Author of THE VICIOUS DEEP) "On Trilogy Making, Book Babies, Beasties, and Picking Favorites. Or, THE VAST AND BRUTAL SEA is my favorite of the trilogy"
*Guest poster Trish Thacker Interviews Author Seanan McGuire and Reviews ONE SALT SEA
*"Here's to Selkies and the Lives Lived Between Two Worlds" by Author Sarah McGuire
*"Edible Mermaids: Ningyo and Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Saga” by Author Sarah Cross
*"The Process Behind Designing A Book" with MONSTROUS BEAUTY Author Elizabeth Fama


*Anna Banks, Author of The Syrena Legacy (OF POSEIDON, OF TRITON, OF NEPTUNE)
*Jennifer Donnelly, Author of DEEP BLUE
*Amalie Howard, Author of WATERFELL
*Seanan McGuire, ONE SALT SEA


*What Makes Mermaids Special
*Learn How to Look Like A Mermaid, Part I!
*Top Ten Books For Non-Mermaid Fans
*{WoW: Splashy Ones to Watch} DANCING ON KNIVES by Kate Forsyth and THE SUMMER OF CHASING MERMAIDS by Sarah Ockler
*Mermaid Spotting in The Guild, Seaason 6!
*Alternative Free Fridays: MADLY by M. Leighton
*{Interior Design Vlog} DEEP BLUE by Jennifer Donnelly
*Introducing...Sirena Von Boo from Monster High!
*Coming Soon: MYTHS AND MERMAIDS: Oracle of the Water by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
*Mermaid Spotting in THE SANDMAN: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie by William Joyce!
*{WoW: Splashy Ones to Watch} SACRED SEAS by Karen Amanda Hooper
*{Alternative Free Fridays} DROWNING MERMAIDS by Nadia Scrieva and A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS by Nichole Chase
*Get Decked Out in Mermaid Fashion! (Learn How To Look Like A Mermaid, Part II)
*Mermaid Spotting in WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD by Patricia McKillip


*PRETTY IN PEARLS by Tera Lynn Childs {YA Novella}
*DEEP BLUE by Jennifer Donnelly {YA}
*ONE SALT SEA by Seanan McGuire {Adult}
*ATLANTIA by Ally Condie {YA}
*ASHES ON THE WAVES by Mary Lindsey {YA}

Thanks for stopping by throughout the event.  
I hope you had as much fun as we did!