{Guest Post} "Mermaid Statues From Around The World" by The Flashlight Reader!

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Alanna is the blogger behind the fantastic book review blog The Flashlight Reader.  She's also a fellow mermaid lover!

This year, Alanna has graced us yet again with another great post for Splash.  

Last year, she posted about The Top Mermaid Vacation Spots! She's also done swishy guest posts about The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Mermaidand Weeki Wachee Springs!She's also previously posted a non-Splash related post entitled Updating Cinderella into Modern Times. Alanna is one of my favorite bloggers, and I always love when she stops over to visit!

Alanna always reviews some great books and loves fairy tales and mermaids as much as I do, so make sure you check her blog out!

Visit her blog The Flashlight Reader and follow her on Twitter!

Mermaid Statues From Around The World

by The Flashlight Reader

Mermaids are popping up all over the world! It would be hard to find someone that doesn’t know about the famous Copenhagen statue of the beloved fairy tale character, but what about the other mermaids hiding around the globe? Some of these mermaids might even be near you! 

1.  Marco Island, Florida

It’s always a treat to stumble upon a mermaid. Especially when the mermaid is the focus of an amazing sea-side resort on Marco Island, Florida. If you have never been to Marco Island, it is a white-sand paradise near the Everglades. It is by far one of my favorite beaches to visit, and that isn’t because it features a literary mermaid at the Marriott resort! “Margot”, the Marco Island mermaid, pays tribute to the Brenda Starr comic books of yesteryear.

2.  Cannes, France

Many years ago I had the privilege of traipsing through France. I am deeply disappointed that it was before 2000 when Atlante came to the port of Cannes. “Atlante” is also known as Amphitrite, which was the Queen of the Seas and Poseidon’s wife in Greek mythology. Image obtained here.

3.  Daydream Island, Australia

These lovely sirens might be a bit harder to find since Daydream Island is actually a pretty exclusive resort location near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The mermaids are named Serenity, Aphrodesia, and Infinity to represent mind, body and spirit. Image obtained here.

4.  Malecon, Mexico

You can find many statues along the promenade in this fishing community in Mexico. Little is known about the statue titled “La Sirena” (image obtained here) but it’s pretty obvious this fishing community loves the sea. 

Homage is paid to the beauty of the women in this region with the La Mujer Mazatleca statue which features a mermaid and child. (Image obtained here.)

5.  Copenhagen, Denmark


Denmark’s The Little Mermaid turned 100 in 2013! What else can be said about one of the world’s most famous statues? Image obtained here.

6.  Syros, Greece

The fountain in Syros is called “Panagia Gorgona” which is the patroness of fishermen. This sculpture is a tribute to fishermen lost at sea. Image obtained here.

7.   Salado Creek in central Texas, USA

A little closer to home is the Salado Creek mermaid in Texas. Legend says that a young love struck Indian girl sought the magic of a fish in the creek to help win the love of her heart’s desire. Her wish was granted as long as she returned to the fish once a month. Everything was great until she was caught in her mermaid form and abandoned by her human love. Image obtained here.

8.  Grand Cayman Island


The mermaid of the Grand Cayman Islands might be a little harder to find if you aren’t willing to visit her underwater territory. For snorkelers, however, there is a definite delight in store just off the shore of the Sunset House. In 2000, a bronze statue of Amphitrite was placed in about 50 feet of water for visitors of the underwater realm to enjoy. Image obtained here.

9.  Dart Estuary, England

This mermaid is named Miranda and can be found in the open near Dartmouth Castle. She was commissioned in 2005 and inspired by the black and white film “Miranda” which featured the mishaps of a mermaid turned human. There is a pretty neat article about this mermaid’s history that you can read here. (image obtained here)

10.  Warsaw, Poland


The Warsaw mermaid is the sister of the Copenhagen mermaid. Both got tired of living in the ocean and found their way to land. One of the sisters found her way to what is now present day Warsaw. Lots of local lore surrounds her tale, but she eventually vowed to protect the city and became a symbol for the city. The Warsaw mermaid can be found on the coat of arms as well as in a statue in the Old Town region.  Image obtained here.

Does anyone else want to book a flight and take a super vacation just to see some mermaid statues now? I know I do!


  1. AMAZING stories about these mermaids! I was actually looking for the one in Copenhagen when I was there, but they moved it! T_T

    Thanks for posting!


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