Ten Movie Adaptations of Snow White!

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
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This week's topic:
Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations!

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, this week's TTT is to talk about book to movie adaptations we want to see, buuuuut I've been planning to do a post on Snow White-themed movies and it fit what I want to do PERFECTLY, so...

...Here we go! ^_~

In No Particular Order...

1) CHARMING (Coming in 2016!!!)

Okay, since the original topic was movies we're dying to see....can we talk about JUST HOW MUCH I'm looking forward to the release of CHARMING next year!? I want to see it SO MUCH! The movie is being produced by John H. Williams (Shrek), with the animation from Cinesite. It will be a Canadian/American collaboration. The movie will star Snow White (Avril Lavigne), Cinderella (Ashley Tisdale, Sleeping Beauty (G.E.M.), Prince Charming (Wilmer Valderrama), Lenore (Demi Lovato), and Half Oracle (Sia). The movie is based on the concept that three fairy tale princesses find out that they're ALL engaged to a dude named Prince Charming. The results will look like this:

*Concept Art

 A must, yes!? 


Here's another one I really want to see! A Few years ago, there was a live production of A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS. It starred Ariana Grande and featured Neil Patrick Harris as the Magic Mirror. AND IT WAS A MUSICAL!!!!! I really, really, REALLY want someone to put this out on DVD so I can buy it. Or on Netflix. Or on iTunes. Or on YouTube. Or...I DON'T CARE WHERE. I JUST REALLY, REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!!!!


Back before she went nuts, Amanda Bynes was cast as Sydney White. Sydney is a college freshman who decides to follow in her deceased mother's footsteps and join a sorority as a Legacy. She's too tomboyish for them, though, and winds up living with seven of the dorkiest guys on campus. Sydney falls for the "prince" on campus, the popular Tyler Prince, who is the ex-boyfriend of Sorority Queen Been Rachel Witchburn. Rachel has been #1 on the campus Hot or Not polls, but Sydney is racing up the charts, and she can't stand it. The movie is frivolous, but a lot of fun, too, and even has a poison apple in the form of a computer virus! Definitely a good movie when you want something light that can make you laugh!


I used to LOVE SNOW WHITE: THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL. It *introduced* Kristin Kreuk as Snow White before Smallville propelled her career. I believe the movie first aired on The Wonderful World of Disney during the family movies ABC used to produce for the weekend crowd. I was really excited when I could buy a copy of this! One thing I keenly remember is listening to the audio commentary and being SHOCKED that in the original tale of Snow White, it was Snow's MOTHER and not her Stepmother. That was a game-changing moment for me and redefined the way I viewed the tale. This version of the tale also mixes in some Snow White and Rose Red (another tale often confused with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because the two girls share a name). It's been a LONG time since I watched this movie...I think I want to break it out this week!


I didn't think Kristen Stewart did the best job or was the best cast actress in the role, but on the flip side, Clarize Theron was AMAZING. She stole this movie!!! Her CGI was incredible, her costumes were amazing, and she was deliciously creepy. And, I've got to say, having Chris Hemsworth star as the Huntsman was a delicious treat. A sequel/spin-off/prequel? is coming entitled The Huntsman, and I hopelessly wish that he's coming back...I'll go see it in a heartbeat! But in all seriousness, a kick-ass Snow White in armor? OMG, YES!!!!

6) Top 10 New-To-Me-Authors in [Insert Year]

Mirror Mirror was...strange. I wasn't sure what to make of it when I first saw the trailers, and I'd been looking forward to it. Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen? I couldn't see her as evil, but okay, I'm going to go with it. Interesting tidbit: Lily Collins is the daughter of musical artist Phil Collins. Playing Snow White was her biggest, most hyped role, her "break-out." I was also intrigued that Broadway alum Nathan Lane was in this one AND that there would be music--by the legendary Alan Menken, no less! Mirror Mirror came out the same year as Snow White and the Huntsman, but didn't have as much attention on it. It was also more family/children driven and less adult/action oriented than its competitor. Like Snow White: Fairest of Them All, there are elements of Snow White and Rose Red here. I LOVE how fun the ending of this movie is and how the Queen gets her comeuppance. Although the Bollywood number at the end is a little odd, but I often think it's odd when movies end with everyone breaking out into dance (And this from the musical lover!). (Another oddity is the scene with all those BUGS!!!)

I was in Best Buy last month and saw Mirror Mirror in a corrugated dump for...either $2.99 or $4.99, I forget. Either way, it was a great price. This was a movie I didn't spend a lot of money to own because it wasn't AMAZING, but it was fun and has replay value!


Here's a secret: Most people have never heard of Happily Ever After. I believe it was a straight-to-video release in the 90s (I might be wrong about that). It was produced by Filmation, who had a vision to take all of the Disney movies and make original sequels. Disney sued them and put an end to that lickety-split, of course. When I was little, I LOVED this movie. I was OBSESSED. Thunderella was my favorite character. You've heard me talk before about how I used to pretend to be Belle. Well, I played Pretend with Thunderella, as well. If I think about it, I STILL remember the words to her song, and I haven't watched the movie in several years. I don't know why I loved this movie so much, but I really did! I have a feeling that if I watched it now, it wouldn't be nearly as great, though. But bonus points to the Dwarfs being FEMALE--Dwarfelles, if you please, cousins of the Dwarfs! With REALLY cool magical abilities!!!


You would never know it watching the trailer...ummmmmm, or watching the movie, really. Jupiter Ascending came out at the beginning of this year and starred Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. The original story launched from the tale of Snow White, from the Queen who sends her Huntsman on an intergalactic journey to find Snow White and stop her from claiming the throne. There's a lot of new stuff thrown on top of the story's core and it barely resembles Snow White. I was disappointed with the movie because I was expecting more fairy tale. I could have forgiven the bad dialogue for good fairy tale. Although there were STILL gorgeous costumes like this one, so...! 

Someday when it's cheap, I'll buy it. But not over $9.99! (Black Friday, maybe...?)


Technically a TV Series, I KNOW. Buuuut I hope you forgive me!!! The Once Upon a Time version of the Snow White character is SO non-traditional and bad-ass. One of the biggest reasons I loved tuning into OUAT's first season was for those episodes where we went back into the past and saw Snow's journey. Her road to Charming, her fight with the Queen....it's all so good!!!! Plus, this is one heroine who can fend for herself and doesn't sit around waiting for a prince to save her. How can you not love her!?


Did you REALLY think I'd leave here without mentioning the Disney classic that started an empire? As I mentioned in yesterday's trivia, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs changed the face of Disney and began a streak of animated movies that defined the genre. Snow White was the first Disney princess, and is an iconic piece of cinematic history!

I'm looking forward to seeing
 everyone else's favorites!
Again, Happy Anniversary, TTT!