Mermaid Spotting in The Guild, Season 6!

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I have a friend who adores the web series The Guild starring Felicia Day (You may know her as Penny from Dr. Horrible). Once the whole series has aired, we watch it together.

The latest season, Season 6, features mermaids and underwater life. My friend kept teasing me about the mermaid as the season aired, but we never had time to watch it together until earlier this year!

Being a web series, The Guild can be marathoned in just a couple of hours, so you never even need to get off the couch or have a sleepover or...anything! It's the length of a movie! While it is available on DVD and iTunes, you can also watch it for free on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and The Guild's website!

For those not familiar with the series, The Guild centers around players from an online gamers' guild. They're in the same guild for a game entitled...The Game. They call themselves The Knights of Good.  Most players will never meet in person, only showing up online to raid and play. These people wind up meeting and get into all kinds of crazy circumstances as their real lives bleed into their gaming lives.

In Season Six, the gamer who goes by the alias Codex (Felicia Day), gets a dream job working at The Game Headquarters! She finds out about the exclusive expansion pack being created...and of course, taunts her fellow guild members about her insider knowledge and waving her Non-Disclosure Agreement in their faces.

Codex gets to spend some time testing out the expansion world, which we find out is an underwater realm, complete with mermaids! The mermaid the group encounters is played by iJustine.

There's a great behind-the-scenes video that shows you how The Guild put their mermaid together and brought her to life.

Watch it now! You can see all sorts of great moments, and also the way they used a green screen and a wire!