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Everyone, thank you SO MUCH for participating in this year's Fairy Tale Fortnight and celebrating our fifth anniversary with us!

We know there were lots and lots of posts, and it was overwhelming, to say the least! If you missed a few posts, you can catch up no!

Misty and I have put together this year's wrap-up, and it's full of so much fun.

Below, you can see giveaway winners and a round-up 
of everything that went on.  
Misty is also featuring one on her blog today!

I'm sorry this post was delayed for so long.  After all the intense blogging due to the event, back-to-back blog tours, and work/daily life, Misty and I took a little break.  Plus, this post was DAUNTING!  It eats time for breakfast and STILL wants a snack...

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Here's a peek at what we did our firstsecond, third , and fourth summers!
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Here's what you might have missed 
during this year's
Fairy Tale Fortnight:

(And here's what you missed at The Book Rat! The below round-up list is only from ABS!)


Those of you who have read my giveaway policy already know that winners are contacted via email and not announced on the blog, but for the sake of FTF, here's a brief list of winners!

If you find yourself listed below, please let us know in the comments or by email if you no longer want your prize winnings, so we can find a new home for your prize. One that will give the book the attention that it deserves; take it for walks, let it play with other books. Maybe have children in the home to play with it and keep it company... ;) [But seriously. If for whatever reason you no longer want your prize, let us know ASAP!] If you're not sure if you're the one listed (some of you have same/similar names!), ask us and we'll clarify.  Congrats!!!!

[I'll update this list tonight after work.

It will be live on Misty's blog much earlier if you can't wait!

We just need to double-check that we have everyone's info!)


32 of you posted your amazing reviews, fun fairy tale posts, and more across the blog-o-sphere!

Thank you so much for taking part!!!
...Anyone missing the fairy tales already!?
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*Ten Awesome Gay & Lesbian Fairy Tales by Author Megan Derr
*Once Upon a Recipe #2: Rapunzel Pesto and Princess & the Pea Potato Mattresses! by Beth @ Printcess
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*{ICYMI} How Becky Wallace Came Up with the Idea for THE STORYSPINNER!
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*Jodi Picoult & Samantha van Leer, BETWEEN THE LINES and OFF THE PAGE
*Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles
*Sarah Prineas, ASH & BRAMBLE
*{ICYMI} Victoria Schwab, THE NEAR WITCH
*Liz DeJesus, The Frost Series
*Julie Reece, Author of THE ARTISANS
*The Prince and the Author: A Character Interview by Danielle E. Shipley, THE SURROGATE SEA
*Sarah McGuire, VALIANT
*Lauren Oliver, PANIC
*Soman Chainani, The School For Good and Evil Series
*Tiffany Schmidt, Author of HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH


*THE SHADOW QUEEN by C.J. Redwine [Out in 2016!]
*THE SILVER WITCH by Paula Brackston
*FIRST FROST by Liz DeJesus
*{ICYMI//Flash Fiction} One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes, Retold by author Danielle E. Shipley:
*{ICYMI} Free Retelling! The Story of Grandmother, an older version of Little Red as retold by author Hannah Kollef and a Review of PATH OF NEEDLES by Hannah Kollef


*Round-Up of All Previous Fairy Tale Reviews
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*THE CURSE GIRL by Kate Avery Ellison {YA}
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*{ICYMI} Happy Easter! Celebrate with William Joyce's E. Aster Bunnymund!
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*{Vlog} Fairy Tale Games to Play with Friends {Board Games}
*{Vlog} ONCE UPON A CLOUD by Claire Keane {Picture Book}
*{Vlog} ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Down the Rabbit Hole by Lewis Carroll, as told by Joe Rhatigan and Charles Nurnberg, with illustrations by Eric Puybaret {Picture Book}
*{Vlog} BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Ursula Jones, with illustrations by Sarah Gibb {Picture Book}
*{Vlog} THE LITTLE MERMAID by Hans Christian Andersen, with illustrations by Charles Santore {Picture Book}
*{ICYMI} NAMESAKE, Volumes 1 + 2 by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon//Pre-Order VALOR: A Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines {Graphic Novel//Online Web Comic}
*In Memoriam: Sir Terry Pratchett {Feat. WITCHES ABROAD} {Adult}
*{Design Analysis Vlog} ISLE OF THE LOST by Melissa de la Cruz {MG}
*CHILD OF LIGHT {Video Game}
*CRIMSON BOUND by Rosamund Hodge {Upper YA}
*MECHANICA by Betsy Cornwell  {YA}
*A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah J. Maas {Upper YA}

Thanks for stopping by throughout the event.  
I hope you had as much fun as we did!