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Check out the Splash into Summer Main Pages at 
A Backwards Story, and Mermaid Vision Books 
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Today is the day that underwater lovers have been waiting for, the dawn of the third annual Splash into Summer!  I began this yearly event out of my love for mermaids and their splashy friends. This year, I'm pleased to announce that Angel from Mermaid Vision Books is co-hosting the event!

Angel and I have so many reviews, guest posts, author interviews, discussions, giveaways, and more for you.  I hope you have as much fun as us for the next two weeks!  Stop back every day to see something new!  

On each post, you'll see something like this:

Splash into Summer
Check out the Splash into SummerMain Pages at 
A Backwards Story, and Mermaid Vision Books 
where you can access the schedule!
You can also go here to get involved!

When you see this, you can click the links to return to the two Splash Main Pages, where you can access the schedule, navigate to posts that have already gone up, see what's coming next, and find out how you can get involved!  Also, feel free to snag the button or banner to share on your sidebars, or in your own Splashy posts! (Both are fully resizable.)

There's also a Participation Linky for anyone posting about fairy tales during the next two weeks who wants to link up!

If you missed out on previous Splash into Summer events, check out:

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to see all the book reviews, guest posts, interviews, and miscellaneous posts that occurred!

Angel also previously featured:

Mermaid Month

so together, our forces will be great this year! ^.~

I'll continue updating my own schedule with what's going on at A Backwards Story right here on this post, because that's probably easier for some of you to keep up with, right?  So mark this post for the next two weeks!

Splash into Summer Schedule of Events at A Backwards Story
***Most days, posts at ABS will be live at 9 am EST,
but I'll post the links before they're live for you as I can!***

*{Review} SEA CHANGE by S. M. Wheeler

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have a post on Discovering Mermaids!

July 8th:
*Win a Splash-tastic Book of YOUR Choice!
*Mermaid Spotting in ARROW OF THE MIST by Christina Mercer [And ebook giveaway!]

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have a review of TIDES by Betsy Cornwell!

July 9th:
*{Guest Post} Top Mermaid Vacation Spots by blogger The Flashlight Reader!

July 10th:
*{Review/Giveaway} REVEL by Maurissa Guibord
*{Exclusive Short Story} THE LIGHTHOUSE by Maurissa Guibord (From the world of REVEL)
*{Waiting on Wednesday} REAL MERMAIDS DON'T SELL SEA SHELLS by Hélène Boudreau

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have review of MERMAID by Carolyn Turgeon, which I've previously reviewed and loved! Carolyn has also done an interviewguest post, and vlog with me, and I'll be working with her again in August to promote her new book FAIREST OF THEM ALL. Carolyn will also stop by Splash soon alongside Sarah Porter for a special surprise!

July 11th:
*{Movie Trailer} Empires of the Deep
*{Video Game Launch} The Sims 3: Island Paradise

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have a special excerpt from LANDLOCKED by Tiffany Daune!

July 12th:
*{Mad About Nails} Mermaid Jelly Sandwich
*{Guest PostHélène Boudreau, author of the Real Mermaids series

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have an exclusive short story, Falling into the Falls, by Carlene Love Flores!

July 13th:
*{Review/Giveaway} AGELESS SEA by M.R. Polish
*{Splashy Spotlight} BUBBLE WORLD by Carol Snow

July 14th:
*Inspirational Mermaid Pictures
*{Splashy Spotlight} Disney's The Little Mermaid Finally Comes to Blu-Ray!

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have a guest post on TOP Five Summer Activities with Hélène Boudreau, author of the Real Mermaids series!

July 15th:
*{Review} THE TWICE LOST by Sarah Porter
*{Exclusive Poem} Flight to the Deep by Sarah Porter and Carolyn Turgeon

July 16th:
*I'm so, so sorry. I didn't have enough strength or energy to turn my computer on! Wasn't feeling well :(

July 17th:
*{Guest Post} Twin-Tailed Mermaids: Lusty Ladies of the Deep by Skye Alexander

*Going on at Mermaid Vision Books today, we have a review of Anna Banks' new book OF TRITON!

July 18th:
*{Guest Post/Giveaway} Mer Mythology of Mer Tales with Brenda Pandos
*{Splashy Spotlight} THE NEPTUNE PROJECT by Polly Holyoke 

July 19th:
*{Mad About Nails} 11 Polishes Fit For Any Land Mermaid!

July 20th:
*Mako Mermaids Series Premieres World-Wide July 26th
*{Review} BLOOD AND WATER by Alethea Kontis
*{Flash Fiction} "Well Behaved Mermaids Rarely Make Fairy Tales" by Alethea Kontis
*{Interview} S.K. Munt, author of THE MARKED ONES

July 21th:
*The End of Splash! Thanks so much for stopping by! I didn't get a chance to feature TIDES by Betsy Cornwell, ASHES ON THE WAVES by Mary Lindsey, and THE SAVAGE BLUE by Zoraida Córdova. Look for these three and more soon! 
*Splash into Summer 2013 Round-Up