{Splashy Spotlight} BUBBLE WORLD by Carol Snow

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Author: Carol Snow
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. / Macmillan



It takes place on an island. Who knows what fantastical creatures might be imagined or envisioned when you live someplace as beautiful as Agalinas? Plus, I totally want to be woken up every morning by a singing peacock!

This sounds and looks like it could be a little Clueless in nature, since the main character, Freesia, is more materialistic...but something is happening. Mystery, intrigue, and perhaps a little dystopian thrown in?

Sounds like an intriguing story!

This one releases at the end of this month!


Freesia’s life is perfect. She lives on the beautiful tropical island of Agalinas, surrounded by idyllic weather, fancy dress shops, and peacocks who sing her favorite song to wake her up in the morning. She has so many outfits she could wear a different one every day for a year and not run out.

Lately things on the island may have been a bit flippy: sudden blackouts, students disappearing, even Freesia’s reflection looking slightly . . . off. But in Freesia’s experience, it’s better not to think about things like that too much. Unfortunately for her, these signs are more than random blips in the universe.

Freesia’s perfect bubble is about to pop.