Week in Review: The Halfway Gone Edition

Week in Review

The Halfway Gone Edition!

Splash into Summer begins tomorrow!! Are you as excited as I am?

Did you realize that today marks the halfway point?  Only six more months until 2013! (Unless, of course, the Mayans are right and we won't make it that far...)

Splash into Summer is officially under way.  We have a week under our belts and another two to go!  Here's a helpful Schedule of Events.

I've also redesigned my blog template this week and finally given myself a menu bar, which I've been coveting for a while.  I even made a bar with helpful Splash into Summer links!  Please take a look and let me know if anything looks weird on your end!  (Does anyone know the technical term for allowing page-jumping links?  I'm going to organize my reviews and want to have ABC links across the top of the page, but I'm not sure what html I'm googling for!)

Be sure to display our button to receive bonus giveaway entries during Splash and to help us promote the event! ♥ ♥ ♥

Splash into Summer


*FATHOMLESS by Jackson Pearce
*WRECKED by Anna Davies

[link to my GoodReads account so you can see my blurb feed as I read]


*RENEGADE by J. A. Souders [Reviewed yesterday!]
*ABOVE WORLD by Jenn Reese
*BREATHLESS by Cole Gibsen


*52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER by Jessica Brody
*THE VICIOUS DEEP by Zoraida Córdova
*RENEGADE by J. A. Souders [Flash / Splashy One to Watch]


*Cover Crazy x2: PAPER VALENTINE by Brenna Yovanoff, PIVOT POINT by Kasie West
*Splash into Summer: Participation Linky
*Splash into Summer: Schedule of Events
*Top Ten Ways to Catch a Mermaid

*{INT} WIN a Mermaid Novel of Your Choice! Also, Vote for Your Favorite Mermaid!
*Waiting on Wednesday: THE SAVAGE BLUE by Zoraida Córdova



 ARCs/Finished Copies for Review:

*JUST FOR FINS swag from author Tera Lynn Childs for being on the Splash Team.  Some of this will be a GIVEAWAY during Splash into Summer!

*THE CADET OF TILDOR pendant from author Alex Lidell for being a part of the Official Cover Reveal and Giveaway.  It's lovely, thank you!!

*TILT by Ellen Hopkins
{Confession?  I have never read anything by Ellen Hopkins.  It's time to change that, don't you think?  Thank you to Goldberg McDuffie and Simon and Schuster!}

*DEITY by Jennifer L. Armentrouth
{Spencer Hill Press, I LOVE you!!!!  You made my day and I squealed as soon as I found a package from you and saw what was inside!}

*CURSED by Jennifer L. Armentrout
{Spencer Hill Press, I LOVE you!!!!  You made my day and I squealed as soon as I found a package from you and saw what was inside!}


{The third book in the series.  The first is HANNAH, and the second is MAY, which I reviewed during last year's Splash!}

{I enjoyed DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and am looking forward to another book by Omololu!  I didn't have time to snag my Netgalley ARC before it was archived.  Luckily, the local library had a copy for me!}

*KILL ME SOFTLY by Sarah Cross
{I reviewed this one yesterday and loved it!  It's fairy tales, even though you'd never guess that from the title/cover!}


{None of my pre-orders arrived until AFTER I filmed the video..and I'm lazy...so I'll add these two books in next week!  I've read them both in ARC form, though, and they're great!}

What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. So jealous of Cursed! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read it so bad! Arghhh!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and I haven't read the other two books before Deity, but they sound so good!

    Check out my Stacking the Shelves!

  2. Lovely haul my darling Bonnie. I have Cursed too. Jennifer L. Armentrout is awesome. Great haul.


  3. Your mailbox looks awesome this week! As for the page-jumping links, I used this tutorial on the blog Small Review. Her tutorials are very straightforward and easy to understand. I really like the new look!

    Pica @ Pica Reads

  4. I definitely need to read some Ellen Hopkins too. I hope you enjoy her writing.

    Our Media Mail post is at Book Sake. –Jessica

  5. Great book haul, can't wait to hear your thoughts!! Happy reading!


    Check out my STS post HERE!

  6. I got the same little pendent isn't it so cute? I'm so jealous of Cursed I love the cover, I've been wanting to read something new by her for awhile! I hope you enjoy everything here's my IMM!!


    ~Paige @ Comfort Books


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