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While today marks the end of Fairy Tale Fortnight, it doesn't mark the end of this year's celebrations.

If you like fairy tales and the magical beings we encounter in them, you just might like mermaids.

Every summer, I host Splash into Summer, a two week event dedicated to underwater beings such as mermaids, selkies, nix, etc.

This year, I'm co-hosting with one of my new favorite bloggers, Emily from Oh, Magic Hour. I hope you'll love her as much as I already do! It's Emily's first time reading mermaid books, so she's going into the madness blind. *rubs hands together evilly*

This year, Splash into Summer will run
July 20th to August 2nd

And...What’s more fun than an ocean of mermaids? YOU! Shoot abackwardsstory-at-gmaildotcom or ohmagichour-at-gmaildotcom an email if you’d like to participate. Guest posts, reviews, you name it.

We'll create an official participation post and have banner buttons up for you to display in June, but we wanted to reach out now and encourage you to put this year's Splash into Summer on your calendar!

Please help us make this event the best it can be. The mermaids deserve their day, too. Sorry to all the vampires, werewolves and fairies out there, but it’s time for some beings who really know how to make a SPLASH!


  1. Sounds great. Maybe I will be able to fit a mermaid book in before this begins. We will see.


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