{Mad About Nails} The Giver Nail Polish Collection from China Glaze Has Arrived!

I've had quite a few people comment on my nails in the past ask what I was using or wish I'd done a close-up so they could see better, etc., etc., and had a realization: Why not do a feature on nail polish? It's not book-related (Unless you're wearing the new HUNGER GAMES-inspired line from China Glaze, but I'm not even going into how wrong that is...), but it's fun. Plus, if I do this feature, I'll be more likely to re-paint my nails this week and less likely to let them chip their way to the bare bones (which would mean that I could see my nails...and if I see them, I want to bite them!).

Welcome back to another edition of Mad About Nails! 

It's almost August 15th, which means Lois Lowry's Newbery Award Winning Novel The Giver is about to become a  major motion picture. 

Promotion is ramping up, and this includes a brand-new limited edition nail  polish collection! China Glaze was tapped to create nail polishes to represent the world of The Giver.

"But, wait," you say, "There's no color in THE GIVER!"

The colors are muted, with a few vibrant colors thrown in later. I think the pale color set works really well (Way better than when China Glaze tried its hand at a Hunger Games set).

I actually purchased four colors from this collection:

I picked up two glitter colors, "Boundary of Memory," which is a lovely brown/gold glitter mix, and "The Outer Edge," which is a glitzy white that reminds me of snow (and will be PEREFCT for winter nail art!). I also snagged two cremes, a gray-toned purple entitled "Release" and a warm brown called "Community."

I'm especially a fan of the way China Glaze has created the collection's logo on the cap:

Sometimes when I buy nail polish, I don't even need the color I'm buying. I just want a couple of the colors because they represent a movie I like or something. Granted, I wanted one Giver color for this reason, but then I really wound up loving some of the colors! I may even go back for a couple more if the big nail bloggers tell me that "New Birth" and/or "Friends Forever, Right?" are a new staple color like OPI's "My BF Scales Walls" from The Amazing Spider-Man Collection. I love when colors that aren't really white look white on the nail, because they don't look chalky the way most whites do!

I hope China Glaze keeps putting logos on their caps. They're great!

Here are some swatch sticks of the colors I've purchased:

(I bought a big bag of these on Ebay. They help me know what I have, and help me see if something is similar to what I already have when I'm at the store!
(And just in case you're wondering what I'm wearing, it's "Mermaid's Tale" by Sally Hansen, which I've previously reviewed and experimented with. I love this polish!!!)

Finally, here's a video of the colors so you can see them beneath fun sunlight. I also talk a little more about the polishes (AND there's a sneak cameo at the end from OPI's "How Great Is Your Dane?" from the new Nordic Collection)!

YouTube Link

 Is anyone else obsessed with nail polish? What are you wearing right now? 


  1. I bought a couple colors back when the Hunger Games polish came out with the first movie. Love this idea, but I rarely, if ever paint my nails. My two puppies make it difficult to do that.

  2. How fun! I paint my nails weekly, but I try not to overbuy polish, since I tend to only get 3-Free or 5-Free (which means the polish I buy is $8+ a pop...so, either a quick lunch or a bottle of nail polish). But given that I own an eye shadow company that makes eyeshadows inspired by book genres, I'm always in support of nail polish inspired by books! :D


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