Mermaids and the Full Moon

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From RetroKimmer
Tonight, there will be a full moon, and while full  moons always seem to bring out the crazy humans who live in our neighborhoods, they also have a serious impact on mermaids.

The moon can be weird, too.  Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom without turning on any lights.  I looked out the window (from the second floor) and noticed  (still blurry-eyed) that it looked like it had snowed.  The whole yard was bathed in white because of how bright the almost-full moon was!

H2O: JUST ADD WATER; above the moon pool
I've been watching a TV series on Nickelodeon called H2O: JUST ADD WATER.  It originally aired in Australia and has been re-airing here.  It's also available on Netflix, but DVDs haven't been released in every country, unfortunately.  I'm about halfway through the second season at the moment and am hoping to finish the series and review it before Splash ends!

So far, there are many episodes dedicated to the full moon.  The girls became mermaids while in a moon pool on Mako Island during a full moon, and their powers come from the moon.  If they look into the full moon or see the full moon's reflection, they become hypnotized.  They also become mermaids if water touches them at this time.
H2O: JUST ADD WATER; the girls
become powerful during a full moon
In one episode, one of the girls becomes able to sing well and hypnotizes anyone who listens to her song.  In another, one of the girls uses her ability to heat water to accidentally set part of Mako Island on Fire.

In the second season, everyone's powers are enhanced because they were in the moon pool as the full moon passed overhead.  The moon also has the power to take one's power's away during a lunar eclipse.

H2O: JUST ADD WATER; the moon pool
In a way, the moon's ability to cause mermaid powers to wane and wax reminds me of the show AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER (and its spin-off, THE LEGEND OF KORRA) because waterbenders are the most powerful at night, especially during the full moon.  They sleep later in the morning because they're up so late at night!  Maybe the series writers looked up mermaid lore when adding in this element?  (Or maybe waterbenders were once mermaids, lol!)


  1. I am secretly in love with H2O Just Add water. Great post. I do hope you get to review the series for Splash.

    1. I'm almost halfway through season 3 now. Whoot! Didn't make it in time for the end, but I'll still do it!

  2. this is very helpful because (pleases i'm begging you dont tell anyone) I'm a beginner mermaid


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