Happy Book Day to Three Awesome Mermaid Novels!

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Happy Book Birthday to three new mermaid
releases this week:

JUST FOR FINS by Tera Lynn Childs

I was so excited to hear that Tera Lynn Childs was writing a third FINS novel and have been anxiously awaiting today.  I want to start reading the new book right now, but I also want to go outside and write before it gets too hot, so that will have to wait. *sigh*  

The FINS series is one of my favorites, though I never expected it to be.  I love the relationship between the two main characters in the first book and the way hate progresses into love.  There were so many hurdles thrown at the characters in the second book and I'm eager to see where Childs takes us next!


WAKING STORMS by Sarah Porter

I did a post on WAKING STORMS for Mythological Mondays earlier this year, but held off on a full review until Splash. I'll be reviewing it this week.  I loved WAKING STORMS even more than LOST VOICES, which is saying a lot because I loved the first book a lot. At the moment, this is my favorite book/series about mermaids.

The new book is just as shiny in person as the first, and I cannot WAIT to see what the final book looks (and reads!) like!

EVERGREEN by Brenda Pandos

Technically, this one came out on Friday (June 29th), but since I didn't do a Happy Book Day post then and it's only a couple of days later, I'm doing so now.

EVERGREEN is the second in the Mer Tales series.  The first book, EVERBLUE, came out right after Splash ended last year, but Brenda Pandos took the time to sit down for an interview and to share an excerpt.

While I bought a copy for my nook as soon as it released, I've been waiting to read it until this year for Splash, so now I  have two books to read!

Will you be reading any of these?


  1. I am reading Lies Beneath. Haven't heard of any of these but the first one. I need to read the first book of that seies still.

    1. I never did finish that one before it expired. Boo, me! Whhhattttt, you don't remember me slobbering all over LOST VOICES? Tsk!!! Best. Mermaid Book. EVER! But dark!

  2. I'm going to have to read all of them! I love to share new books with my high school students and these will be on my list!


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