A Week of Cinderella Event Round-Up

Wow, bookworms.  Just...WOW.  You slay me.  Truly, you do.  When I first put together A Week of Cinderella, I thought to review a couple of books, have a few guest bloggers, talk to a couple of authors, and do my tour stop with CINDER's cover designer.  I wasn't expecting all of the support and outreach.  So many people wanted to take part...or had commitments, but wished they could.  A lot of you even mentioned that you'd like to participate in such an event in the future!  

I never really considered it before, but a week dedicated to Cinderella was definitely a lot of fun.  We really should do this again...though maybe not for a few months!  Maybe 2-3 times a year...?  What other fairy tales would you like to see featured in their own special weeks?

I'll tell you one thing: If we do this again and it's a heavy-hitter like Cinderella, we should have a two-week event.  I was really sad by how many posts got squashed together!  I'm hoping you didn't overlook anything, especially at the end.  We had some fabulous posts this week!

If you missed anything, please check out the Event Round-Up below!!!

The Giveaways

*CINDERS by Michelle Davidson Argyle [until 01/31/12]
*CINDER by Marissa Meyer [until 01/25/12]

(And while I'm not running them, get more chances to win CINDER from:
Confessions of a Common Reader
Mermaid Vision Books
...and various CINDER blog tour stops!)

The Blog Tours

*GIVEAWAY & CINDER Cover Design! In-Depth interview with designer Rich Deas
*Top 10s with author Julia Karr (TRUTH, XVI)
[Okay, this one wasn't for the event, per say, but since Julia Karr uses the term Cinderella Girl, it magically still counts!]

The Authors

*An Interview with Jim C. Hines (THE STEPSISTER SCHEME)
*Guest Post and Giveaway with Michelle Davidson Argyle (CINDERS)
*Interview with Sarah J. Maas (2012 debut author; THRONE OF GLASS)
*Interview with Zoë Marriott (SHADOWS ON THE MOON)

The Guest Bloggers

*Updating Cinderella into Modern Times (Guest Post with The Flashlight Reader)
*The Ultimate Love Story (Guest Post with The Romance Bookie)
*Learning to Appreciate Cinderella Through EVER AFTER (Guest Review with Mermaid Vision Books)
*CINDERELLA: A TWIST IN TIME (Guest Review with Tamara Felsinger/Uncharted Pages)
*MY FAIR GODMOTHER and CINDER at King's English Bookstore Write-Up! by Janette Rallison (Guest Review with Literally Jen)
*Cinderella and I/CINDER Launch Party (Guest Post with Kristina's World of Books)

The Reviews

*Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I'd Recommend To Someone Who Doesn't Read Cinderella
*Round-up of TWELVE Cinderella features & reviews over the lifetime of this blog
*Learning to Appreciate Cinderella Through EVER AFTER (Guest Review with Mermaid Vision Books)
*CINDERELLA: A TWIST IN TIME (Guest Review with Tamara Felsinger/Uncharted Pages)

*MY FAIR GODMOTHER by Janette Rallison (Guest Review with Literally Jen)
*PRINCESS OF GLASS by Jessica Day George
*CINDERS by Michelle Davidson Argyle
*SHADOWS ON THE MOON by Zoë Marriott
*CINDER by Marissa Meyer

The Special Features
[There were a few more I wanted to do, too, such as a ONCE UPON A TIME feature, but I just ran out of time!]

*How Cinderella Entered My Life (And refused to leave me alone)
*CINDER's Movie-Style Trailer and Marketing Campaign
*Teaser Tuesday: SHADOWS ON THE MOON by Zoë Marriott
*Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I'd Recommend To Someone Who Doesn't Read Cinderella
*Waiting on Wednesday: THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas
*A Proposal Straight Out of a Fairy Tale (Video)
*CINDER Hits the NYT Best Sellers List!

The Ones I Didn't Get To
[There were a few more books I wanted to read and review, but I ran out of time...and room!!]

*SILVER WOVEN IN MY HAIR by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
*PHOENIX AND ASHES by Mercedes Lackey

The Part Where YOU Come In!!

So, what would you like to see more of?  What did you see too much of?  What did you like and dislike about the way A Week of Cinderella was handled?  If we do another fairy tale-character theme week, it will either be two weeks (for characters with a large repertoire) or organized better...or both!  That's a promise!


  1. It definitely was a lot of fun!

    And I definitely would love to be a part of the next fairytale day! :)

  2. There are always books we don't get to. Cinderella is not my favorite princess by far, but I like reading her retellings. I loved Cinder to the moon and back. I thought it was such a well written novel and Scarlet was equally as good so I'm hoping to love Cress.


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