Smashwords Sale!!

Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out that Smashwords is having a HUGE summer sale through tomorrow, July 31st! You can get titles from 25% to 100% off! Last time Smashwords had a big sale like this, I got some titles that sounded really interesting.

One title on sale is HUMAN BLEND by Lori Pescatore and its brand-new sequel EARTH BLEND. You might recall that I reviewed the first book in the series earlier this year and interviewed Pescatore. I’ll be reading EARTH BLEND soon, too!

Click here for a direct link to the sale! On the left, you can even filter by category!


  1. Cool! Now that I got my Adobe Digital Editions to work, I can use Smashwords again!

  2. What is ADE doing? When I d/led for the 1st time, I registered it to an email that was different from my NetGalley account, so I had to create a second user on my computer and re-d/l it with the new info. Would that help you?

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