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We're both HUGE fans of INFINITE and got to meet Jodi twice last year. She's an amazing human being. Whether we're chatting on twitter about books, knitting, or ferrets, tweets with Jodi always make us smile!

Earlier this year, Bonnie and Alexa Loves Books co-hosted the Official Incarnate Read-A-Thon because Jodi has become such a beloved author!

Now that everyone has had a couple of months to read and savor the final book in the trilogy, we're ready to review it.

...But be warned...there will be some slight spoilers.

If you haven't read the series already, you may want to check out these reviews of INCARNATE and ASUNDER first!

What follows is a crazy, convoluted mess...

but hopefully a lot of fun, too!

This is a perfect example of our normal conversations...Helpful and in depth, but also silly and weird. ^.~

Because sometimes, we like posting things together, too!

O P E N I N G   L I N E:

   For millennia in Range, death meant another rebirth. Another life. Then someone died the night the temple went dark, and I was born in their place.
   A nosoul. A newsoul. A soul asunder.
(pg. 3, US hardcover edition)
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On The Cover.

K: So this is the best cover of the trilogy, I think.
Because it hints at phoenixes.
B: Agreed. It is GORGEOUS.
K: Yesssss.
B: And it is PURPLE.
And there are feathers and other cool things ^.~
K: Yes, good colors, good hint, and it is noticeably similar to the others, but just the right amount of different.
B: Jodi also mentioned during the #IncarnateReadAThon that the covers show progression and rebirth. The first cover is bright and innocent. The second has a tendril of fire spreading from the edge of some of the flower petals. The final book has feathers on fire:

Plus, the butterfly is a symbol of a way, so are these covers...and so is Ana!
K: Yes, so true. She becomes magnificent like the cover.
B: Exactly!
(Plus, these books look good naked, too! They have secret tattoos that you have to unwrap to find!)
©Jodi Meadows
K: Yesss.
So worth it to get them in hardcover.
B: Absolutely agreed. They are so much more stunning and "alive."
K: Yes. Also, the books themselves tie into the evolution. The first is a nice lavender, the second and third are blues. Well, the third a more greenish-blue.
B: You don't even notice if you're not paying attention. But if you line them up side by side, the color spectrum bleeds from the edge of one book into the next naturally. ROYGBIV!
K: I am looking at them now, actually lol.
B: Me too. They are all on my bed right now ^^;;;
K: So well designed.
B: But INFINITE is absolutely the most gorgeous.
K: Yes, definitely my favorite one.
B: I'm really excited to see what the covers for Jodi's next series will look like. It sounds like THE ORPHAN QUEEN will be pretty epic-looking. Can't wait!
K: UGH I know.
Hopefully she will be as lucky with the design for NewSoul.
B: The wait is KILLING ME.
Hopefully luckier. These covers are very pretty, but they don't really scream fantasy to me.  I think a lot of fantasy readers missed out on a wonderful series and a fabulous new voice in YA.
K: True. But they really don't look definitively like any other genre, either.
Maybe a lighter sci-fi? But not fantasy.
B: Or a masquerade. Which...there is an awesome one in the first book!
K: That masquerade scene though!
B: One of the best scenes in the entire series. *swoon*
K: So true.

On The Fantasy.

B: Speaking of fantasy...the world has really grown and evolved over the course of the series. Returning to INFINITE was pure pleasure.
K: Yes. Venturing outside of Heart and deeper in Range brought out an entirely new, yet familiar, depth and sight to the story.
You knew of the things that were out there, but experiencing them through the characters was exciting.
B: I remember wondering what sylph were in this world and seeing the truth behind their existence slowly reveal itself  throughout the series and come full-circle. I wasn't expecting so many of the things Jodi revealed, but it all made so much sense.
K: Yes! So much wonder and discovery went into INFINITE.
B: I think previously, the only time I'd encountered sylph was when I read PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White. And they were nothing like the sylph in the NewSoul trilogy!
K:  Yes. The sylph here were totally re-imagined and well-done. I'd only experienced them as enemies in video games before, and usually they were creepy little gnome things, lol.
B: I love how Jodi turned even the sylph into critical story elements.
And the dragons! I can't even. But after INFINITE, things make SO MUCH MORE SENSE!
INFINITE brought dragons to an entirely different level.
I was not expecting what happened with them to happen at all.
B: I wasn't, either. Not for real! Jodi is really, really good at surprising readers.
K: Yeah. I knew dragons would be a part of the ending, but not like that.
B: Agreed!
I think the series is also darker and much more twistier than INCARNATE might lead you to believe as you get further and further into the series. It's GRIPPING.
K: Yes. It gets so intense once you start seeing dragons around again. I couldn't put it down.
B: Especially when the TRUTH comes out!
And all the stuff with Janan just creeps me out. So chilling!
K: I knoooow. I read that particular part on the bus and had to bite my tongue so I didn't yell out at a book in public.
Janan's creepiness also got a gasp and a cry of anger too.
And his super creepy supporters, too.
K:  But yeah, the ending was epic.
Totally wasn't what I expected, either, but very fitting.
B: That final pow-wow sort of reminded me of the final battle during the first season of Sailor Moon!
K:  I don't even remember it, although I was a huge fan when I was little.
A wee little thing, once upon a time.
B: You seriously need to watch this video right this second:

And the uncut, extended Japanese version:

YouTube Link
K:  Oh my glob, the quality is so bad but I do vaguely remember this!
It totally is similar. I pictured a lot of the same colors flying around.
B: Exactly! All the light and power flying around, the epic power struggle between good and evil, the moral of the story both in the song and in the novel, the made me all nostalgic!
It's kind of cool, I thought.
K:  Such parallel. 
And yes, what happens after is so vibrant in description.
B: It really, really is. Beautiful parallel.
The story isn't at all similar. It's just a coincidence, lol
K:  A fabulous coincidence.
K:  And how freaking cool is Range?
B: Range has so much to explore! We only get to see a little slice of it, which is amazing, because over the course of three books, we actually see SO MUCH. And yet, it's like we've only explored Florida or something. Not the whole country.
K:  Yes, but what we do get to see is so diverse and well described that you can picture these places so easily.
B: Exactly. And we even get to see some earth-shaking natural disasters that alter the tone of the world.
I have found that I especially love fantasy worlds with a wide range (no pun intended) to explore. I think Rae Carson and Leigh Bardugo have spoiled me...and now Jodi Meadows, too!
K:  Agreed. It adds a rich element to the story. When scenery is missing or done wrong, it really takes from the story, especially like those.
B: I agree. But when it's done right, it's like you're THERE. Parched from all that dry heat, shivering from the bone-crushing cold, trembling from the earth falling apart at your feet...
K:  Yes, so good.
I especially enjoyed the snow and the woods in INFINITE.
There was so much that terrain added to those parts of the story that made it so much more enjoyable and real.
B: And all of Stef's interesting technology! This winter, I wished Stef was REAL and could make some kind of amazing invention to shovel my driveway so I didn't have to keep going out there, lol!
K:  haha yes!
And all her solar powered supplies for their trip.
B: *wishful thinking*

On Being a Final Book.

B: So in the grand scheme of series and final books...what are your thoughts on INFINITE as a finale?
K: Strange, beautiful, and appropriate.
B: I was surprised by the amount of tragedy in INFINITE. I was expecting sadness, but the things that happened...This book can be a tear-jerker. But it can also invoke so much happiness!
K: Oh my glob I know.
Stephen King tweeted that true horror is knowing that bad things are going to happen to the characters you like. Jodi is a master of horror lol.
B: I love that quote. I've never heard it until just now, but it is AMAZING.
B: It's very true for all the dystopian out there, too. There's all this wank about books with imperfect happily every afters, but they feel so much more realistic and natural to me. Some of them really make my heart hurt, but I wouldn't trade the emotional journey and the impact of such pivotal decisions for anything. His quote sums up that thought process of mine so well.
K: So true. As long as it fits with the story, I am satisfied. Sometimes cheesey and fluffy is the right way to go, and other times it isn't.
B: Agreed. I hate when authors force their story into a little box and it's so out of place with everything. Authors who write from the heart are beautiful.
K: Yes. It's hard, but it really shows.
B: Those books are so much more powerful and will endure the test of time because they will be REMEMBERED.
K: Yesssss
INFINITE definitely has one of those memorable endings.
B: And it was JUST RIGHT!
K: It really was.
B: I wasn't sure where Jodi would take us...especially with all the jokes she kept cracking on Twitter!
I didn't care if everyone was reincarnated and lived on or if they died one final death...I just cared that Ana and Sam did whatever they did TOGETHER.
K: Yes, and also given how unique INCARNATE and ASUNDER were.
Yes, I also just wanted them to take care of creepy Janan lol.
B: Exactly! Right the wrongs that Janan thrust upon the world and make it a better place for the future! Because this book is all about the future! But also the past!
I was very satisfied.
Not all finales can be truly satisfying. INFINITE was. But I was devastated to leave the world!
K: I didn't want it to end, either. But I was also satisfied.
B: What keeps me going is my hope that one day, Jodi will write another novella from Sam's POV. Instead of a prequel like PHOENIX OVERTURE, however, I want CERTAIN AMAZING SCENES from Sam's POV. Sort of like how Jennifer L. Armentrout gives us juicy Aiden scenes!
K: Oh my glob yes please.
That would answer a couple of questions I still kind of have, especially when they were fighting with each other.
The main one being what he really thought about what was going on.
B: Yessss! Or you could tell Sam had all these THOUGHTS going on and Ana couldn't comprehend his emotions.
K: Exactly! He wasn't even speaking for a little while there.

On The Romance.

B: Since we're on the topic, we also wanted to talk a little bit about the romance in this series.
K: Yesss.
There really wasn't much time for any romance, and yet the little bits that we got to see were just so rewarding.
B: Agreed. By the third book, a lot of horrible things are happening. Romance takes a back burner. But that just made those scenes when there WAS romance so much sweeter!
K: The reader is just as relieved by then as they are.
B: I also like that the relationship wasn't overly dramatic. Sure, there was a lot of tension and even anger, but Sam and Ana worked through their problems like normal, rational human beings. It proved that their relationship WASN'T a case of insta-love, but something long-lasting. That's one thing I liked about the Divergent trilogy, too. The couple had to work through their problems and doing so only made them stronger as a couple. I'm so tired of all the triangles and dramatic on-again/off-again relationships.
K: Agreed. Theirs is a healthy, normal relationship that I find very refreshing.
I wish for more like them in YA.
I really like that even their low points are still healthy and non-abusive. They argue, but they don't set out to hurt each other.
B: Me too. I'm hoping this is more of a trend. Or at least something HarperTeen will do more of since these series are both published by them.
Agreed. It's so refreshing and makes me embrace them even more.
And I just adore Sam. He is amazing and wonderful. I loved him even more after seeing his history in PHOENIX OVERTURE.
K: Sam is such a fantastic lead male.
He isn't super macho, or that annoying over-protective jock boyfriend.
He's so modern in that he is passionate, and witty.
And ready to change for the better of himself and those around him.
B: I believe he was in our top three along with Hector from THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS trilogy and Chaol from the THRONE OF GLASS series for the coveted role of Heartthrob of 2013, was he not?
K: Yes indeed.
On Jodi Meadows.

B: I'm so glad that I discovered Jodi Meadows and have become such a fan of hers. She is an amazing human being and such a talented writer!
K: She is one of a kind, so glad that you forced INCARNATE onto me lol.
B: You're welcome ♥
K: Her signing event with Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand was my first ever signing event, too.
B: I'm glad I took a chance, too! Originally, I requested an ARC because the cover was so pretty. And then it came and I read the back, and the beginning was a little slow-moving and I wasn't sure. But then I fell in love and life has never been the same ^.~
Plus, I have you to fangirl with me! I am not alone!!!!
B: That makes me happy. What a great first signing!
She's so nice and down-to-earth, too. I love seeing her on Twitter!
K: It was a great first signing, and I love her twitter too. ^_^
B: You even made me a fabulous purple coffee cozy because of Jodi!
K: Yup!
B: And I will never think of ferrets the same way again!
K: Me either. They're so quirky and cute.
B: And they make secret cameos in the NewSoul trilogy!!!
K: hahaha yes
B: I am SO CRAZY EXCITED about Jodi's new upcoming duology. THE ORPHAN QUEEN sounds like it's going to be an AMAZING fantasy novel.
I am desperate to read it!
K: I cannot wait!
B: I have been stalking Goodreads on Twitter for official summary info.
And I am dying for this cover reveal!
K: Ugh, me too.
B: I'm pretty sure the anticipation will kill me. But I won't be reincarnated to actually get a chance to read the book if that happens ;_;
K: Nor will I. We'll just have to binge read other things to pass the time.
O F F I C I A   I N F O:

Author: Jodi Meadows
Release Date: Jan. 28, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books / HarperCollins
Received: For Review / Purchased

The Year of Souls begins with an earthquake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come. The Range caldera is preparing to erupt. Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches, everything near Heart will be at risk. 

Ana’s exile is frightening, but it may also be fortuitous, especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her. They’ll go north, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension. And with any luck, the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reach. 

The oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes, but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation. What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam, especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for all. 

With gorgeous romance and thrilling action, the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling questions of this fascinating world, where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions.


  1. This review is very good. I really enjoyed the series and the art work of the books. The readathon was so much fun and hope to do that again :) I love the final fight in sailor moon.. Can't wait for it to come back on tv this year :)


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