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Hi, I'm Kat! Welcome to Kat's Korner! Every other Friday, I will whisk the readers of A Backwards Story over into my corner and talk about books, and sometimes the writing process.

Books and writing have always been my number one loves, and it's how Bonnie and I became acquainted with one another. I am really excited to kick off my little piece in a couple of weeks with a talk about one of my favorite reads of the year, SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY by Susan Dennard. But first, an introduction! I want us to be friends. ^_^

As I stated earlier, my name is Kat. If you checked out the totally cute banner that Bonnie put together for me, you probably figured out that I knit. If not, then, hey, I knit! It's a talent I have developed within the past couple of years. Knitting certainly helps me cool down when stories or real life get too intense. I also crochet, but I am better at knitting, so crocheting doesn't really happen often.

Anyway, moving on and away from my main hobby, I really enjoy many kinds of mythology, especially Norse mythology. I feel like a culture's mythology is a big part of its soul. Fairy tales are another love of mine. I always did enjoy magical creatures, royalty, knights, magic spells, witches, and all of that jazz, but most of all, femme fatales. I love a BAMF heroin or villain.

On that villain note, I adore dark stories. The darker, the better. I love grit, I love gore, I love well-written villains, terrifying beasts, and everything else on the dark side. For me, the dark side really does have cookies. So take this as a warning that my corner will be a shady one. But never fear! My bright and sunny attitude will keep you safe and sound.

So that about wraps me up nicely, I think. See you in a couple of weeks, when I talk about SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY.

The epic meeting of the two Kats!
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