Fairy Tale Interview Questionnaire...For You!

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It's always a little bit of a struggle coming up with fresh interview questions, but it's a fun struggle, especially in an event like this — when many people are answering the same questions, you just know the variety of answers is going to be interesting!

This year, my dear friend, Wil, sent us some fun quickfire questions to use as one of her contributions to FTF, and we added some of our own and sent them on their way to begin making the rounds. 

BUT THEN we thought, wouldn't it be interesting if everybody had a chance to answer these questions, and weigh in? 

Yes, we decided. Yes. It. Would. 

So below you'll find a selection of the questions (not all of them, mind you, but many) that we sent out for interviews this year. If you have a moment and are so inclined, please fill in YOUR answers and let us know! We'll be sprinkling snippets of the answers throughout FTF, and if Misty is feeling ambitious (read: not totally crazed), she may even work them into snazzy pie charts or something at the end of the event. Pie charts, I say. Who doesn't love a pie chart? Or pie. Mmmm, pie... 

Um. I think the leftover Easter pie in the fridge is calling my name. But please, ignore the crazy, whole-pie-swallowing lady in the corner, pull up a chair (and your own piece of pie) and let us know how YOU'D answer this year's FTF questions!


  1. That was fun! One of my first thought answers is probably weird though because no one will have a clue what I'm talking about. Haha

  2. That is tough because I truly can't think of a favorite or least favorite fairytale since I like them all.


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