Mad About Nails: Smiley Face Nails!

I've had quite a few people comment on my nails in the past ask what I was using or wish I'd done a close-up so they could see better, etc., etc., and had a realization: Why not do a feature on nail polish? It's not book-related (Unless you're wearing the new HUNGER GAMES-inspired line from China Glaze, but I'm not even going into how wrong that is...), but it's fun. Plus, if I do this feature, I'll be more likely to re-paint my nails this week and less likely to let them chip their way to the bare bones (which would mean that I could see my nails...and if I see them, I want to bite them!).

Welcome back to another edition of Mad About Nails! 

This week, my nails received more compliments than ever before--from both gals AND guys, 
young AND old.  It's amazing just how many people complimented this simple design!

The polish is almost a week old now, and I was bad and never
put a top coat on, so it's starting to chip and look gross! Sorry!!

The idea to make Smiley nails came after reading the debut issue of Nail It! Magazine (Which I reviewed in last week's Mad About Nails).  There's an article in this issue on nail designers who create the looks we see on celebrities.  

One of the looks Kimmie Kyees did for recording artist Rihanna was create happy faces nails (and a sad face on the middle finger, which is just too funny).  I thought the idea was fun and cute, so I replicated it this week!

You can find more nail art ideas from Kimmie Kyees on her website and Twitter!

I started off with Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Olive Growth as my base coat.  This winter has been harsh on my nails, and they've been peeling, which makes them even weaker.  They're also softer at the moment.  When I was sick in December, my medicine destroyed them even further.  So now they're short and growing out again.  ...And then I got sick again last week and used the same medicine, so we'll see...!  (Sorry they're not nicer to look at!)  

I'm hoping this new Sally Hansen stuff I bought will help get them back into shape!  (If you look closely in the below close-up, you'll see just how dry and gross my skin looks, too.  Sorry about that.  It's the price of winter nails!)

What I love:

This was my favorite nail because of the
way the smile curves, but I should have
taken a picture last week before it started
to grow out and flake!
I picked up ULTA'S "Sun-Sational" because I wanted a cheap, opaque yellow.  The yellow I previously bought was too sheer, and the other is a striper polish, so I don't want to use it all up when doing designs like this.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I don't use yellow often.  "Sun-Sational" is perfect for this.  I was also surprised by how long the ULTA polish lasted on my nails without a top coat to protect it!

I also used a black that was given to me for my birthday last year, "Black Crème" from Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine.  This black is perfectly opaque (and also good when nail stamping!).  I don't feel the need to buy a more-expensive black (Though I do sort of covet ORLY's "Black Vinyl"...maybe someday during a BOGO?) because, again, I don't wear black frequently and feel that this is good enough when using small amounts for design purposes.

Out of the ten nails I designed, the very first Smiley I created, on my left thumb, is my favorite.  I just love the curve of the smile, like it has a secret!

What I wish could be better:

"Sun-Sational" is streaky.  You need a couple of coats to get rid of the streakiness, and if you put on too much polish to balance this, it starts to bubble a little.  I probably should have waited longer between coats, but I'm not always patient.  "Sun-Sational" also STAINS like nothing else, even with a base applied!

Wet 'n Wild's formula doesn't last a long time.  Since I never got around to buying a new top coat, this manicure has no top coat, and the black has started to look weird and not as straight and clean.  I should have taken pictures a week ago!  When I'm not wearing any polish, it looks like my fingers have jaundice, eep!

Want to see my nails up close and personal and hear more about them?
Check out today's Mad About Nails Vlog!

I sadly had to take off the Smileys yesterday after recording the video, but now I'm sporting a fun design for a baby shower I'm attending on Sunday, so check back next Friday for another Mad About Nails!

 Is anyone else obsessed with nail polish? What are you wearing right now?


  1. That thumb smile does look like he has a secret. These are really fun. They remind me of when I was a kid and yellow smiley faces were everywhere.

    1. It was definitely a throwback! Not something to do all the time, but FUN. Maybe it's better-suited for summer, though!


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