{The Scribbler} Dialogue in Fiction

As readers, I'm curious:  
Which books are most memorable to you when it comes to character interaction?

I decided to retire Word Count Wednesdays because I don't often bother to post it.
I still like talking about writing, though, and decided to merge WCW into The Scribbler,
which can be for any writing topics I wish to talk about.

You may recall that in May, I decided to quit working on Super Secret Project: Code Name Fizzy Pop.  It's so...contemporary.  Last month, I picked it up and toyed with it again.  At the time, I couldn't locate my second writing notebook, only the first, so I just picked up another notebook and started writing a future scene that's been in my head for a while.  Of course, this scene decided to take on a life of its own and led to a scene that never existed in the timeline of my imagination.

So now I'm stumped for how to flesh out the scene and remembering why I quit.  Contemporary novels utilize their own breed of character interaction and dialogue.  I feel like this is a weak point of mine.  This new scene is driven in this way and I have to come up with a good topic so that the chapter isn't just...meaningless filler.  I could just bypass it and talk about it in the past tense, but I feel like this is a scene that can heavily impact the way the characters develop with one another and it's a cop-out if I don't flesh it out.  So now I'm struggling to figure out how to do just that and at an impass, so the story has again fallen to the wayside.

I feel like it's time to hit the books and find authors that can turn potentially pointless scenes into something memorable and unique.  What books (preferably contemporary, since it's a breed all its own) are your favorites when it comes to character-driven scenes and interactions? Why?

Recommend some stuff to me :)