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ColorimetryLaura from Colorimetry / Burgandy Ice is once again amazing!

Not only is she giving away a mermaid novel of your choice for Splash (Enter now!) and hosting a mermaid poll, but she's now hosting ANOTHER giveaway with Sasha Soren, the author of RANDOM MAGIC!

I think this is my favorite giveaway yet.  Those mermaids are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Rafflecopter is at the bottom of this post, but feel free to enter directly on Laura's post HERE!

Laura has invited Sasha Soren, the author of RANDOM MAGIC, to visit Colorimetry.  Every weekend, Sasha hosts a seriously delightful thingame called Book Nooks, where bloggers gather to share the latest find in great places to read.

Later in July there is an amazing & zippy Tour highlighting RANDOM MAGIC. I wanted to give everyone a heads-up about this up-coming fun. There's some wonderful bloggers participating and some fun stuff. Since Sasha is full of surprises, just like her book, she is bringing a unique prize for Colorimetry readers...

Random MagicRandom Magic
by Sasha Soren
Paperback, 397 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by Beach Books, LLC


When absent-minded Professor Random misplaces the main character from Alice in Wonderland, young Henry Witherspoon must book-jump to fetch Alice before chaos theory kicks in and the world vanishes. 

Along the way he meets Winnie Flapjack, a wit-cracking doodle witch with nothing to her name but a magic feather and a plan. Such as it is. 

Henry and Winnie brave the Dark Queen, whatwolves, pirates, Struths, and fluttersmoths, Priscilla and Charybdis, obnoxiously cheerful vampires, Baron Samedi, a nine-dimensional cat, and one perpetually inebriated Muse to rescue Alice and save the world by tea time.

Want to know more about Random Magic?  Check out these reviews!!

Beyond Strange New Words * "Zany & Delightful" * Fluidity of Time * Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf * Dr Stravagante's Traveling Book Circus

Laura has posted a fun interview with Laura over at Colorimetry, a blog I adore!

RANDOM MAGIC features all kinds of mythical creatures popping up in unexpected places – and that includes mermaids. So, here’s something fun you can win, as part of the Splash into Summer party, celebrating mermaids, mermen, selkies, and all other kinds of interesting, magical denizens of the deep blue sea. We'd like to share something whimsical and cute that would be a fun gift, so please feel free to browse the pix below to pick out your mermaid, then enter to win!

Good luck!

Available to WIN - an adorable mermaid alter ego – you can pick one (1) doll of your choice from selection shown; either a redhead, brunette, blonde, or raven-haired mermaid rag doll of the sea. Each is approx. 17 in. (43.18 cm.), soft plush.



About the Author:

Sasha Soren is the author of Random Magic. She enjoys creative projects and people, including the ways people use technology in creative ways.  Like THIS!! 

Irena over at This Miss Loves to Read highlighted the Top Ten Characters in Random Magic. It's a super-fun post. (You're welcome!!)

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Random Magic Video Tour starts July 21 and runs thru July 30!!!  There is some seriously mysterious excitement going on here!!  Save this LINK to get in on the action after you watch this Trailer and catch the fun!

Psst! *whispering* there will be 10 vloggers dropping ONE secret each!  A little commenting... a little collecting and WHO KNOWS what you could win?!?! Check it out:

*still whispering* Remember... you heard it here first!!

Giveaway Rules:

Must be 13 or older to enter (or find someone who is!!) International entries welcome. See my general giveaway rules under About Me.

1 - After watching the Trailer, leave a comment on YouTube!!*
2 - Follow @RandomMagicTour on Twitter!
3 - Tweet!!
4 - BONUS - share the video & get an extra entry!!

*Stand-out cool comments dare the author's generosity!!  Consider yourself challenged!!!

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