Things always come in Threes!

And thankfully, for once, this is a GOOD set of threes!

Why, you may ask?

1) My computer nightmare is nearing its conclusion.  I managed to get Safe Mode up Sunday night, and I installed the brand-new version of Norton (our old one expired last week, though this isn't why my computer went crazy, since that happened before the expiration date), and my computer loaded into Normal Mode!  *CROWD CHEERS*  I've since gotten everything onto my external hard drive and I just need to finish making a list of my programs, etc. and re-install my computer to factory settings and I should be good...for now.
But until then?  Right this second I am blogging FROM MY COMPUTER and NOT my phone.  Oh yeah!

2)  I brought home a new betta friend to replace beautiful Aria, who passed away earlier this month.  It was too dark to get a good picture tonight... Maybe tomorrow!

3) The new Final Fantasy game is here!  Which means that I netted two new books this week (a strategy guide and a special preorder gift in book form from Best Buy!).  I can't wait to re-visit the world of Pulse when I have a few days off next week!!

And.........yeah.  Fun threes!

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