Rounding up all my March 2017 reviews posted over at Broadway World in case you missed seeing them! :)

So you may not have heard, but last month, I started blogging for Broadway World! ♥

Because of this, sometimes I post reviews there and not here, though if you follow me on Twitter, I do try to post a link to the day's post a few times throughout the day!

I will almost always have brand-new reviews posted on BWW (Though, since I was sick this month AND running a week-long Beauty and the Beast-themed event, I do have a few reviews that are old re-posts from here because I liked the way they were written! Though I usually do try to make a few changes, so it's a little new, too! ^^;;; #SecondLife)

I also posted some press releases and news feeds throughout the month, but I won't post those here since the Byline reads News Desk and didn't officially come from me! But there have been some interesting announcements this past month if you scroll through the site's history! ^.~

If you want some new reviews from me to read this weekend, check these out, because you may have missed them earlier this month!

See you tomorrow for the wrap-up of what went down here at A Backwards Story all month!!!


(Featuring The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu)
*STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T. Parker (All ages; photo essay book}
*STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel (Adult}
*How Much Do I Love Beauty and the Beast? Let Me Count the Ways! (--}
*Top 10 Beauty and the Beast Retellings (Mix of titles/genres}
*A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah J. Maas (Upper YA}
*HUNTED by Meagan Spooner (YA}
*ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell (YA}
*FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell (Adult}
*BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Returns in 2018 With A New Series, SLAYER, From Simon Pulse and Author Kiersten White (YA}