Happy Anniversary, A Backwards Story--And REALLY Exciting News!!!!

Hi Bookworms!


I am so, so, SO excited that today is February 9th, because...

...it means TWO things.

1) I started this blog on February 9, 2010. Happy Anniversary to me!!!!!!!!!

Some of you guys have been with me since the very beginning. Some of you are newer readers. I love you all, and I thank you so, so much for making A Backwards Story a better place. I wouldn't still be here without you guys!!!

My first year blogging, I had less than 30 posts. THE WHOLE YEAR. Now, I average that many posts in a month! It wasn't until my second year when I made a New Year's Resolution to get serious about blogging that ABS became a real blog. So I guess ABS is technically a year younger, but this is still its official anniversary!!!

2) I have REALLY exciting news. Like, really, REALLY exciting.

Thanks to this blog, a brand-new reviewing opportunity came up, and I'm happy to tell you that STARTING TODAY--yes, today!!!!--I am going to be reviewing books for Broadway World.

Today, I introduced myself, and you can see that post RIGHT HERE. Go check it out? PLEASE???

Book review posts will be posted/featured at this link from me and the other BWW reviewers!

You can also find the Book Review Page at BWW on a daily basis at the bottom of the main page:

Just click where I've marked it in purple!

--What is Broadway World?

Broadway World is THE premiere website for all things Broadway. It is a news website. It is a forum for Broadway and West End. I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS WEBSITE SINCE DISCOVERING MUSICALS IN 2004. It is one of my favorite websites EVER.

The site is looking to become more diverse in its offerings and is adding book reviews! I was chosen to review books for the site and I am so incredibly excited and honored to become a part of the website I have loved for over a decade. (Wow, and that suddenly makes me feel old!)

Look, look at that post on the top right! That's ME! That's my first post! I'm so excited! ^___^

--What does this mean for us?

Nothing will change!

I will continue to review books here at A Backwards Story! Mandy will continue to review here as well once she has her computer situation under control again.

There WILL be books--a lot of books--only reviewed here. But...there will also be books only reviewed at Broadway World. I really don't want to double-dip, which will be hard for some books I REALLY want to shout about to the world, but then again...Mandy can always write her own review of those titles here, right? ^.~
(Although I am debuting with a review of WINTERSONG because 1] The book came out this week and it's AMAZING, 2] I actually wrote my review to apply for the BWW position, but had already booked a review for the blog tour here at ABS, so.....! But usually I won't double-dip, promise!!!)

At A Backwards Story, I will continue to primarily feature reviews on all things fantasy, on fairy tales, on YA and young reader books. I am hoping, however, to be a little more wide-spread and diverse over at Broadway World. I always feel a little weird reviewing adult novels here at ABS because I know I have a lot of young readers looking for good books and don't want them to accidentally pick up something too mature for their reading level. So books I'm reading now such as TELL THE TRUTH, SHAME THE DEVIL by Melina Marchetta and THE GIRL BEFORE by J.P. Delaney will likely be easier to talk about over at BWW.  I'll also focus more on Broadway-influenced novels such as the new release ROSEBLOOD by A.G. Howard and the upcoming ALEX AND ELIZA by Melissa de la Cruz over at BWW. I'll still feature fantasy and YA there as well, but I AM trying to be much more eclectic in what I read and review!

When I do my Monthly Wrap-Up posts (If you're in Desktop Mode and not using a Mobile Browser, you can always look to your right (or for now, click here), I'll try to do a wrap-up for BWW as well if you're interested in these new reviews that won't post here! Will that work? ♥

I would like to say I'll post opposite days in each place, so if there's nothing here, or if there's something here from Mandy, it means I'm posting at BWW, but I can't promise that! I will, however, promise to post a BWW link on Twitter to make my reviews there easier for you to discover!

--It's time to GET ORGANIZED!!!

I've never been super amazing at staying uber-organized. I like to Pants my way through life.

But I know it will be harder to keep track of everything now that I'll be posting reviews in two places. I'll have to plan out what goes where. I'd still like to do two reviews a week--at each site. So that will require planning, right? Google Calendar is great for planning my blog tours, but it just won't be enough. I need to map when new releases come out, etc, so that I can be a little more on top of my TBR pile than I currently am!

And so, this week....for the first time in a few years...I bought a planner!!!

A Kate Spade planner, no less! For 75% off, even better!!!!

Er...plus I picked up a signed copy of Neil Gaiman's NORSE MYTHOLOGY?
Which...I will likely review over at BWW?

It has not just a calendar, but a lot of day-by-day space, so I can mark in new releases AS WELL AS plan out which books I'm reading will be reviewed where.

I've got this!!!

I hope you're excited about today's news as I am!!!

I've been sitting on this information for a couple of weeks now, and it's exciting to me that I can launch my new endeavors the same day I celebrate the anniversary of becoming a blogger!

I hope you'll continue to love and support me on both platforms!!!