Unboxing the Wonderland Owlcrate!

So...I'm sure you'll recall that earlier this month, Mandy and I had a week-long Wonderland-themed celebration for the release of HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer.

(If not, check out our Schedule of Events...there's still time to enter to WIN books!!!)

When I did my HEARTLESS Design Vlog, you may remember that I talked about how Owlcrate was doing a HEARTLESS box in November with an exclusive cover, so I decided to sign up.

Well, that box arrived over the weekend, and I've unboxed it for you!!!

Are you ready to see all the cool goodies--especially that exclusive cover!?

Here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

No time for a video? 

Here's an image of everything that came in the box:

I'd be likely to buy a box again in the future. 
How about you???

My guess is that the December Owlcrate will feature OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulhurst, which I featured on a blog tour stop last week (and you can enter to win it now!!!). Plus, it will come with bookish goodies from LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter, and more!!!