Bookworm Problems: When Books Lie So Perfectly Flat That...They Trick You!?

I thought I'd do these Bookworm Problems posts more frequently than I have! ^^;;;

 So far, I did one earlier this year on the perils of book buying, and today I have an amusing story about this past weekend for you all to commiserate with!

But these posts are so much fun!!! I really do have to do them more often...

Sooooooo apparently my e-reading habits are starting to rub off on my real book reading habits!

This weekend, I've been reading a book that's so thick and heavy that it lies perfectly open on my bed. Usually, pages start flapping and moving and changing when you try to leave a book open like that because they're not weighted down, but this one is so perfectly weighted.

I'm not used to this AT ALL!!!

Yesterday, I noticed that I kept stopping to answer texts on my phone, and every time, I started to get anxious that I had to quickly tap my book or it was going to turn off on me and then I'd have to wake it back up again! I'd go to swipe at my book and realize that....yeaaaaaaah, it was totally a real book!

I was laughing at myself--and it's okay, you can, too!

I've heard other people say they swipe at their books before, but never done it myself!

What's even funnier is that the book I read before this one was also a physical book, so I wasn't carrying over habits from my last book (Though the one before that, well!!!).

Have you ever done had this bookish problem yourselves, bookworms? ^_^