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I was PLANNING to leave a review today, but there have been a couple of big articles and viral videos published this past month that I decided to share instead. I love Disney, and I love the Disney Princesses. Who doesn't?

I've often wondered why so many Disney characters are parentless. There was a really interesting article about Why Disney Princesses Rarely Have Moms, and it stems back to a tragic accident that killed Walt Disney's own mother. The history and psychology fascinated me (Even though, of course, I know that's not the only reason!)

There's also a video floating around about how Disney princes would make horrible boyfriends. After watching this...do you agree?

Finally, a new video was uploaded just yesterday that has a rap battle between Snow White and Elsa. Both princesses have friends on their side--Elsa has newer gals Tiana and Merida, while Snow has Cindy and Aurora on her team:

What other punny videos have you come across lately?


  1. Haha, this is a funny post, but it's true that when you look deeper into disney fairytales, they can be rather disturbing!


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