Learn How To Look Like A Mermaid, Part I

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Later on during Splash, well be doing a second party of this feature revolving around mermaid fashion! 

Who doesn't want to look like a mermaid?  Whether it's for everyday wear (Hey, if Alethea Kontis can dress up every day, why can't we??) or you're already planning this year's Halloween costume, we have you covered!

First off, the face!

Here's one video that speeds through the makeup process to show you a glammed-up merl!

She doesn't actually TELL you what she's using, though.

For an actual tutorial, check out this video. There are even links to buy some mermish products!

If you're not daring enough to go all out, how about a nod to our favorite underwater friends?

As many of you already know, I love nail polish. You might be surprised to hear a list of how many nail polishes have mer-inspired names! During last year's Splash, I put together a list of eleven themed polishes that will have you looking like you dipped your fingers deep into the sea.

Here's that video!

YouTube Link

And now, you're halfway there! To get the full mermaid effect, keep an eye out for the second post in this series on mer fashion later during Splash!