Get Decked Out in Mermaid Fashion! (Learn How To Look Like A Mermaid, Part II)

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Did you miss out on Part I of Learn How To Look Like A Mermaid
It covered the make-up end of the spectrum! 
Today, it's all about FASHION!

Who doesn't want to be a mermaid? Fashion designers have been trying to bring mermaid fashion to land for years. I've been compiling a lot of the fun designs I see on my Mermaid Fashion Pinterest Board.
(I also have a board for mermaid art in general with, as of now, 1,167 pins!).

Whether it's for  everyday wear (Hey, if Alethea Kontis can dress up every day, why can't we??) or you're already planning this year's Halloween costume, we have you covered!

Here's a sampling of some of my favorite swishy designs!  

(All images are on Pinterest with links to original site locations/credits!)


This legitimately looks like something a mermaid would wear, don't you think?

A beautiful way to make a dress on land!

Another dress worthy of a mermaid princess!

This is a favorite picture of mine. I love how she looks like a fish out of water!


Talk about a work of art!

Someone creative used PANTYHOSE to make this webbing. I kid you not!


I love this eye makeup. It's just gorgeous!

This is a work of art. One of my favorite images!

I love the way the shells form scales here!



These leggings give the illusion of a mermaid tail!

Want to ALWAYS have a mermaid tail? Time to get a full-body tattoo!

These sequins mimic the look of sand so well!


Can you imagine how hard it would be to walk in THESE shoes!?

I love the sandy texture of these heels!

What mermaid wouldn't love wearing these??


Fun Accessories

This bracelet is a real conversation piece!

This bracelet is surely heavy, but so pretty that it's worth the extra weight!

These fun seahorse earrings are playful and can be worn anytime!

This octopus necklace is also a fun, playful add-on!

Tie back your windswept hair with a shell headband!

Tuck away your treasures in a seashell purse!

Lady Gaga brings mermaids aboveland with this fashionable umbrella!

What are your favorite ways to become more mer-like?