Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From!

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This week's topic:
Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From!

This week's topic was hard because I had to stop being lazy and do some work!

There are two authors who you could potentially say don't belong on the list because the amount of books in their series make them authors with several books I own (Rick Riordan and Terry Goodkind, I'm looking at you!). I balanced that out by adding a few more authors to the list, though, so it's more like a Top 15. These are the fifteen authors where I own more than eight of their titles! (I arbitrarily decided this because a lot of books have seven in the series. I even thought about excluding Riordan and Goodkind, but since each author has at least one book not in a continuous series, I allowed it...)

Did you put any special guidelines on your list?

I can't wait to see who y'all are collecting!

Also, funny story? 

Quite a few of these authors live together on my shelves because I tend to group things by theme. Funny how that works out... Take a peek!

Jodi Picoult, Jacquelyn Mitchard, and Diane Chamberlain love hanging out together!

Tamora Pierce, Terry Goodkind, and Patricia A. McKillip know how to fill up a shelf!

Gail Carson Levine, Shannon Hale, Jane Yolen, Juliet Marillier and Mercedes Lackey know that the best place to party is on my fairy tale shelf!

Here they come...

1) Tamora Pierce 
(28 books, plus 1 graphic novel [And also all 5 individual issues of this graphic novel!], plus an anthology with a story by her)

Can you tell that Tamora Pierce used to be my favorite author? I still buy her books as soon as they come out, but I don't love them as much as I do the stories of Alanna, Daine, and Kel!

I'll also pick up a book these days if it's been blurbed by Pierce, or if it's a fantasy with a girl disguising herself as a guy.... Yep, Pierce really gave me a foundation in my reading tastes of today!

2) Meg Cabot 
(At least 24…I don’t trust myself to have them all “together” in my cubby…especially since 3 of them are on my special mythology shelf on the bookcase….)

Definitely one of the few chick lit authors whose books I own! I have several of the Princess Diaries books, but my favorites by her are the ones with Arthurian and mythological lore! I'm also a huge fan of her books featuring Heather Wells because I can relate to so much of the ups and downs of ResLife!

3) Jodi Picoult 
(21 novels, 1 graphic novel (And also all 6 individual issues of this graphic novel!), 1 play, 1 anthology with a short story from her, 1 ARC of a book featuring an “unsealed” copy of a CD in the book’s finished [and untouched] copy), and two e-book shorts

Currently my favorite author, even though I don't like her newest books as much as I do her older ones. All of my favorite books from her to date were written during the first half of her career. i still love the way she makes us think about hot button topics, too, and I can't tell you how many books I’ve bought by various authors because they were blurbed by Jodi! I even have a fall ARC right now for this very reason!

4) Patricia A. McKillip 
(18 books, and I'm pretty certain she's in at least one anthology I own, though I'm too lazy to check)

It's because of Sarah J. Maas (Author of the fantastic Throne of Glass series) that I've fallen for Patricia McKillip. I stumbled upon Sarah's blog before her debut novel was ever published (And the third one is coming out this fall already. Wow, how time flies!), and she was reading a book by McKillip. It sounded interesting, and I found a lot of almost all of her books on Ebay, so I bought it. ...And then I picked up the few I didn't have!

5) Mercedes Lackey 
(17 plus 3 massmarket “collections” with a story from her)

Lackey has tons and tons of books, I know, but with one or two exceptions, I only own her fairy tale-inspired novels! What can I say? If it's a fairy tale, I must own it!

6) Jacquelyn Mitchard 
(17 books)

Remember earlier when I said that I discovered several authors due to Jodi Picoult? Jacquelyn Mitchard is one such author. I'd been on Picoult's forum a few years ago and read a topic where people recommended other similar authors. Mitchard was one of them. I snagged a lot or two of her books off Ebay, and got the other books used, and now I buy her books brand-new as they come out! Mitchard and Picoult also tend to blurb the same books, so if I see a blurb from both these ladies, I blind-buy it, no questions asked!

7) Terry Goodkind
(15 plus an exclusive ebook)

Since one of Goodkind's books isn't part of his epic series, I included him in the list. But I debated it. Because does owning every book in a SERIES count? Technically, yes. I own a ton of books by this man. But it sort of feels like cheating, you know? 
Anyway, I'd been wanting to read Goodkind for a long time, and when I found a lot of about nine of his books--in hardcover--at my local used bookstore for $2 a title, I couldn't resist buying them all!

8) Rick Riordan
(12 books, 2 “guides,” 1 pack of trading cards, a SECOND copy of TLT with the original cover [So…15 books altogether?], and a book I've already pre-ordered!

Rick Riordan, like Terry Goodkind, is another author I debated over whether or not to include. Because again, it feels like cheating! Nine (soon to be ten) of these books...and all that special stuff...are because of Percy Jackson.
Which...I'm getting ready to do an epic re-read! A book a week starting in August leading up to THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS in October. WHOOT!!!

9) Diane Chamberlain 
(14 books)

Diane Chamberlain is yet another author where I bought the bulk of her books used, then started buying her titles new as they came out. I stumbled across a book by her in the bookstore that blurbed her as being the "Southern Jodi Picoult," then I saw someone recommend one of her books on the Jodi Picoult forums. I bit the bullet and decided to try her out!

10) Juliet Marillier 
(12…soon to be 13 once I get a certain birthday gift!)

I started reading Marillier because a lot of people who enjoy fairy tale retellings recommended DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST. Although...the first book I actually read by her wasn't that, but HEART'S BLOOD, which is still my favorite--and my favorite B&B story to date! Marillier isn't just about fairy tales, though, and I've read several books by her. There's still so much to pick up and read, too!

11) Shannon Hale 
(11 books, 2 graphic novels, and 1 early reader chapter book)

I don't even remember what my first Shannon Hale title was. I'm fairly certain that it was either PRINCESS ACADEMY or GOOSE GIRL, though. Either way, I fell in love with her books, from her fairy tale retellings to her original fantasy novels. I've also had the pleasure of meeting Hale twice (first at the National Book Festival in DC a few years ago, and later at a local book signing) and she's such a lovely human being. I lurve her!

12) Maria V. Snyder 
(10 books)

I'm still making my way through Maria Snyder's books! I was lucky enough to meet her recently at a signing, and I picked up the books I didn't already have to get signed (I'd seen her once previously and owned a couple of her books already). I've been wanting to read her for a long, long time, and the signing gave me the motivation to finally get to it!

13) Sarah Beth Durst 
(8 books, and a 9th on pre-order!)

Sarah Beth Durst is another author I love. I discovered ICE at the bookstore one day on the new arrivals shelf and fell in love with it. ICE is one of the first books I ever reviewed on my blog, back before I became serious about blogging! I've been lucky enough to meet her in person a couple of times, and she's the sweetest person. I seriously love this woman, and her books are great!

14) Gail Carson Levine 
(8 books)

I blame ELLA ENCHANTED. It is one of my favorite MG books ever written, and helped me fall in love with fairy tales again after I'd "outgrown" them. This book is so special to me, and I've devoured all of Gail Carson Levine's other novels as well. I love recommending her to kids!

15) Jane Yolen 
(at least 7 [I think a few are scattered randomly], 3 picture books, plus quite a few anthologies with included stories from her! I also have a new fall ARC that I haven’t read yet from her!)

When I think of Jane Yolen, I think "fairy tale staple." When other people think of her, they think of her as the author of the popular children's picture book series  How Do Dinosausr...? or as the author of their kid's summer reading book The Devil's Arithmetic. Everyone sees her differently. For me, it's all about the fairy tales, of course! I even have a few of her picture books that I've found used just because her name is on the cover! She's adapted fairy tales, written some beautiful poetry, and more. I adore her!

Which owners take up most of your bookshelves? ^_^


  1. I've got Gail Carson Levine on my list too!

  2. I had Shannon Hale on my list as well- she's written so many different types of stories from children's and middle grade to adult, and I've loved the books I've read by her! This is a great list!

  3. Oh my god those hardcovers! *drools* Would it be totally rude of me to ask if I could see closeups of Hale's Books of Bayern and the Patricia McKillip ones? They're two of my very favourite authors and I adore hardcovers.
    Sadly I can't get into Tamora Pierce however much I try and however much it's been recommended to me :(

  4. Brilliant list :-) I really like Jodi Picoult's books.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Rick riordan took over my book self also, thanks to you Bonnie ;)

  7. +JMJ+

    I loved looking at your shelves! =) I like shelving "like with like" as well.

  8. Wow. You have very full bookshelves.

    I think it is really neat to see the lists this week because, to some degree, they represent what we read as children (or to our children). So often we are busy focusing on the here and now that we forget to look back on the special books that built our literary foundation. Here is my list and you will see that I have several books that were special to my children (and me) while they were growing up. MyTTT-Anne@HeadFullofBooks

  9. I have Rick Riordan and Maria V. Snyder on my list as well. :) And I love so many others on your list! I absolutely adore Gail Carson Levine, Jane Yolen and Shannon Hale's work! Great list!

  10. Tamora Pierce and Meg Cabot both made my list (the number of Meg Cabot books I own surprised even me, but then she *is* a very prolific author). Wish I could have put Shannon Hale on there but I don't own enough of hers yet! I think I should really get the last book in the Bayern series at some point, since I have the other three.


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