{Excerpt} "Betraying Ever After" by Kelly Martin

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Kelly Martin stopped by The Book Rat earlier this week to talk about Tips for Writing a Fairy Tale!

Here's an excerpt from BETRAYING EVER AFTER:Betraying Ever After: A Shattered Fairy Tale,
Kelly Martin's Cinderella story launching later in 2014! 
(Date/Cover TBA)

Prologue-- BETRAYING EVER AFTER {a Cinderella Story}
As with beauty, evil is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s revenge is another man’s just cause. One man’s vendetta is another man’s justice.
Who decides good and evil? Right and wrong? Vendetta or justice?
And who decides the punishment? Who decides which evil act needs a punishment?
He knew he had just cause in his revenge.
He had waited patiently, waited while the baron—with the help of his backstabbing friend—took her away from him.
Anger filled him when he heard of their nuptials.
Jealously consumed him when he learned of their daughter. A daughter that should have been his. It mattered not that he had a wife of his own now, and a child, a daughter as well. It mattered not that he was one, no the wealthiest man in London—nay the country.
It mattered not that his wife was the most beautiful lady the ton had ever produced. His wife was not ‘her’, and that was all that mattered.
Sorrow filled him when he heard news of her death. Childbirth—a second daughter.
Sorrow turned to vengeful thoughts.
Vengeful thoughts turned to actions.
A debt bought.
A debt collected.
A debt unable to be paid.
And a young daughter forced into servitude as a result.
And what of the friend of the baron? He had a son, and he would be dealt with in time.
They all would be.
Time made no difference to him. His soul never found rest. Five years. Ten years. Thirteen years since what was his was stolen from him. The wound still bled.
If the baron presumed the man's revenge was final by taking his eldest as a servant to pay his debts, he had another thing coming.
Fredrick Dodsworth had money and that trumped titles. He carried people’s debts, and that covered a multitude of sins. He collected sins. Used them for his advantage. Made a lofty career out of it.
No, the two men who had betrayed him all those years before had it coming.
Not revenge.
They would get what they deserved.
He would see to it.
He would make them pay the worst way he could imagine: he would hurt their children.
And he would make them watch.


Kelly Martin is a southern girl who writes... a lot. In the past three years, she has published seven books-- some with publishers and some self-published. Her books range from sweet Christian (Crossing the Deep) to dark inspirational (The Sloan series) to mystery (Hindsight series) and of course the 'zombie' book (THE AFTERLIFE OF LIZZIE MONROE). She is also a full time teacher and publicist for Astraea Press. With a husband and three little girls running around at home, her life is tiring but never boring.

Check out Kelly's blog and follow along on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr! 

Author: Kelly Martin
 Publication date: 2014 (TBA)
Publisher: Astraea Press

There is no listing on Goodreads yet. Follow Kelly's author page to be the first to see a summary, cover, and date later in 2014!

After that, she'll publish THE BEAST OF RAVENSTON, a Beauty and the Beast tale!