{Guest Review} Jordin from A Bottomless Book Bag Reviews CRESS by Marissa Meyer

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 Hi! It's Jordin from A Bottomless Book Bag. For you guys who don't know, I started binge reading the Lunar Chronicles at the end of March. And I've just fallen in love with this series, so here is my review of Cress. Which in my opinion is the best so far!

 {{Warning! There are spoilers from the first two books in this review}}

Title: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer 
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends 
Publication Date: February 4, 2014 
Length: 550 pages 
Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, Retellings 
Source: Bought from HPB 
Rating: 5 books 

In CINDER, when we get our first glimpse of Cress; I just couldn't wait for her to become a more important character in the books. I was intrigued about this cool programmer trapped in a satellite, and this probably was a part of the reason I stormed to the store to purchase CRESS the moment I finished SCARLET.

What Goes Down:

This book started with extreme action. It was like, oh, let's go find Cress, and then all of a sudden, everyone is split up and could potentially die... Marissa Meyer sure knows how to start off a book with a bang, and this was exactly what I needed after SCARLET's not so thrilling start (and then awesome conclusion.. keep up the awesome Marissa Meyer!). When the group is split up, everything kind of goes to hell. Cinder now has to find a way to save Wolf who gets injured. Thorne is blinded when he and Cress crash into Earth, and then they are stuck in the desert. Somehow despite all this Cinder still has to figure out how to stop Kai and Queen Levena's wedding and somehow insert herself as the rightful ruler of Luna.

Things I Loved:

The ACTION/pace

The beginning was pretty epic, but then the book just never really let up. Highlights include Cinder and a partially reunited crew surrounded in Africa without any hopes for escape. Poor Scarlet and everything she goes through on Luna. When Cress and Thorne finally get to civilization, and then shit goes down! The James Bond-like plot on the day of the Kai and Levena's wedding! Oh so many intense moments. It was super hard to stop reading because of the action, but also because of the way everyone's subplots were told. It felt very fast-paced because of the multiple character POVs. I just wanted to know what everyone was up to and what would happen next and the switching POVs really drove me through this book. Unfortunately, it was a big book so I couldn't just read it all in one day (because life got in the way). But next time, probably before WINTER comes out, I'll try to dedicate a full Saturday to it.


She's super innocent and pretty hilarious. She's got this imagination that is wonderful and definitely a good survival skill when trekking through the desert. I loved the way she idolized Thorne before she met him, all the research she did about him, and how she adjusted her opinion of him when she found out more about him. But she actually sees the good in Thorne instead of seeing the overly confident charmer that everyone else sees. She's also freaking brilliant. She's a skilled hacker and the perfect addition to the crew because she's been spying and researching everything about Kai, Cinder, Thorne, and the castle. Seriously once Cress officially joins up with Cinder, everything gets a bit easier. When planning to stop the wedding, Cress can pretty much solve all the security problems.


In my review of SCARLET, I desperately missed Cinder. I was soooo happy that she played a much bigger role in this book. She's grown up a lot since the first book, but she's still learning. She's dealing with this huge inner conflict between learning to become this revolutionary figure who is super powerful and avoiding becoming someone who manipulates people to get what they want.

The sneak peaks of Luna

We learn so much more about Luna through Scarlet's unfortunate experiences and Cress's past. And at the end, there's a scene with Scarlet and Winter! And I'm so intrigued by Winter and whether or not she's actually crazy. Why Marissa Meyer! WHY! I just can't wait for WINTER to come out in 2015.

Why this book has made me angsty:

I'd like to say that everything about this book was perfect, and in some ways maybe it is the absence of reading this book that has made me so melancholy. I loved pretty much every moment of reading this book, but now that I'm done, I feel lost and confused. Like I'm recovering from a book hangover. And I just don't know if I can wait for WINTER. Sigh... it's like this awesomeness has caused the biggest reading slump because I'm afraid that the next thing I read will just be horrendous in comparison.

Bottom Line:

Cress was simply amazing, wonderful, awesome, and all the best words, but prepare for some bookish depression when you realize that you have to wait until 2015 for WINTER. 5 books
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