Disney Maleficent Teams Up with Hot Topic and MAC Cosmetics in 2014!

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MAC Cosmetics x Disney Maleficent

It's always exciting when beauty lines collaborate with the media to create new, interesting products. Around this time of year, OPI is usually coming out with movie-inspired nail polish. They recently had a new Muppets line, and I was sort of expecting them to come out with a new Amazing Spider-Man line, but haven't heard anything yet. In fact, I even thought OPI would be behind any Maleficent line to come out, since they do a lot with Disney.

But the line is actually going to be more high-end the way many recent Disney lines have been sold exclusively at Sephora. While the Maleficent line won't be exclusive to any one store, it will be a MAC exclusive!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find when the collection hits stores:

Hot Topic x Disney Maleficent

Hot Topic is also in on the action!

Their website is now selling Maleficent clothing, which will be available in stores soon. If you spend $25 on merchandise from the like, you get a free Maleficent Fashion Necklace with your purchase!

A lot of the clothing is pretty Gothic looking (It is Hot Topic, after all!), but there's also a lot of ordinary everyday wear, too. Plus, there are socks. I secretly love socks! ^.~


  1. I wish MAC wasn't so expensive... or I would snatch up all that make-up. I already love the line of Disney items at Hot Topic so the Maleficent line up making it even more appealing!


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