Spotlighting Several Rapunzel Retellings You May Have Overlooked!

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So, I obviously can't get to every single Rapunzel retelling in one week.
I'm only human, after all.

(And now I have The Killers in my head... "Are we human, or are we dancer?"  I am...not human. Dancer, dancer! [In my head, I like saying "denser," though, because it sounds deep... *Ahem!*)

Soooo, here are a some other retellings I would have featured if I'd had more time (And perhaps not been too sick to read!)

Sorry if a retelling isn't listed. I might not even know it exists!
...Will you tell me about it in the comments!?

In no particular order...


a) These are by Shannon Hale, and I read anything and everything this woman writes. She is AMAZING. You should be reading her if you aren't! (And it's so cool that she did this with her husband!)
b) These are graphic novels. How cool is that? Fairy tales, sprung to life! These are also great to get kids reading if they only enjoy picture books such as Wimpy Kid, Pokémon books manga, etc. Very cool!
c) Rapunzel and Jack (From Jack and the Beanstalk) team up to go on amazing, hilarious adventures! These stories are so unique and fun! Yee-haw, welcome to fairy tales in the Wild, Wild West!


This is a short story collection from the acclaimed author of BEAUTY! Touk's House features the story of Rapunzel. Robin McKinley has always been a staple in the genre. If you've never read her before, a short story collection is a great way to start out...especially when there's a promise of glimpsing Rapunzel! This short story is great, because while its roots lie in the traditional, McKinley completely twists it up and turns the story on its head, creating something brand-new!

3) ONCE UPON A TOWER by Eloisa James

You'll have a chance to win this one during Fairy Tale Fortnight, so check back in April for more details!

Eloisa James has a whole line of fairy tale retellings for adults. They're all heavy on the romance and may not be appropriate for younger readers! If you're looking to be swept away by the heart of a fairy tale's love story, Eloisa James has many historical fairy tale offerings, including this one based on our beloved Rapunzel!


Want a great Rapunzel retelling for younger readers? Award-winning middle-grade author Wendy Mass offers up the Twice Upon a Time series, in true He Said/She Said fashion! Perfect to appeal to a younger audience, Mass creates a funny new series that kicks off with, of course, Rapunzel!  

5) BAD HAIR DAY by  Sarah Mlynowski

Another fun series for middle-grade readers who love fairy tales! Rapunzel's tale is the fifth book in popular author Sarah Mlynowski's series Whatever After. The series is about two siblings who go through a magic mirror and get swept up in all kinds of fairy tales. In their latest adventure, Abby and Jonah make their way into Rapunzel's story, and get up to all sorts of mischief. A great, captivating way to discover fairy tales, especially for fans who grew up reading the Magic Treehouse series and are ready for something older, but not yet able to say goodbye to Jack and Annie!

6) RAPUNZEL UNTANGLED by Cindy C. Bennett

This is one I wanted to read when it came out last year and haven't had a chance yet! This Rapunzel is ill, which is why she always stays inside Gothel Mansion. (I love that the mansion is named after the witch!) Plus, Rapunzel's destiny is to save the world. Doesn't it make you want to find out more?? It sounds so different and fun!

...That's not enough? You want MORE!?

One of my favorite fairy tale websites, 
Sur la Lune,
has a list of all things Rapunzel-related.

Picture books, novels, short stories, non-fiction, collections, poetry, movies, music...their list is extensive!

~Check it out!!!~

What retellings did I miss?
Will you tell me about them so I can catch up?? ^_^


  1. I have read some of these, but there are still some I need to check out.

  2. I love Rapunzel's Revenge - such a fun take on the story. Also, who doesn't love Shannon Hale? I had never heard of the Whatever After series, but it sounds fun! I will have to check it out.

  3. The Rapunzel graphic novels look super fun!

  4. I haven't read any of these, but I love Shannon Hale, so I will definitely check some of these out!


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