"CRESS: From Books to Fashion" with Alice in Readerland

Welcome to A Week of Rapunzel in celebration of our favorite long-haired heroine...
not to mention the launch of Marissa Meyer's CRESS!
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Today, Alice in Readerland has put together a super fun guest post for A Week of Rapunzel!

Last year, she did a From Books to Fashion post for A Week of Little Red, and she returns to do one for our favorite long-haired heroine this year! 

Earlier in the week, she put together an awesome post featuring CINDER and TANGLED nail art.

Check out how great they came out:

I love them!

She goes into more detail here!

For today's post,

Alice introduces fun things that Cress would actually wear or OWN.

They're clever, witty, and FUN!!!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see at her full post...

Cress would love accessorizing in our world.
Maybe with a cute, techie keyboard?
(ummm....*I* want one!!!)

And what do you do with all that HAIR?
Here's a braided-style that we all can do to try and be more Cress-like:

Want to tie things back to the book?
In CRESS, Cress is fascinated with--get this--trees!

Why? Well, you'll have to read and find out!

Check out Alice's full post to see everything she chose for CRESS, 
and best of all, why!

I can see Cress with all of this...
Can you?

Check out the full post here!


About Alice: 

I’m Alice, a young adult who reviews Young Adult (and sometimes Middle Grade) books. Join me in my adventures in Readerland! As I have an affinity for fairy tales and the ability to praise most anything with a happy ending, I’ve invited my friend Cynical Cindy to add some of her thoughts to my posts, in the hope that you might find some balance between our two opinions. I (of course) enjoy reading and writing, especially on rainy days and when I have my two cats next to me. When I write, I like my ink blue and my tea, lemon. Yes, I also do happen to like white rabbits.

Cindy may practically share the same name as a fairy tale princess (Cinderella), but you won’t find her wearing glass slippers. I’m not quite sure how Cindy got to be so cynical, but she did, and she is.

Welcome to Alice in Readerland.

Check out Alice's blog Alice in Readerland and follow her on Twitter!


  1. So cute the nails! Love the keyboard purse. Very creative ideas

  2. Those nails are amazing! The bag is pretty awesome too - I wonder if you can press the keys and have them go down?

  3. The nails are so pretty! Very creative! I love the hairstyle! It is so lovely and it does make me think of Cress. I love her fascination with trees!

  4. Thanks for the post, Bonnie! <3 I love Cress and had a lot of fun picking out all the items!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


    You can count me in for 2015's Week of Snow White!

    1. Excellllllllllllent! I am already so excited for Winter!!!

  5. That keyboard purse is crazy! I love it! :)

  6. I love that hairstyle and the keyboard purse is so creative!! :)


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