A Week of Little Red Wrap-Up (and extras!)

Welcome to A Week of Little Red in celebration of our favorite scarlet-caped heroine...
not to mention the launch of Marissa Meyer's SCARLET!
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Everyone, thank you SO MUCH for participating in A Week of Little Red.
I've had so much fun, and I hope you have as well!

SCARLET's out now, so run and buy it! Let's help it make the New York Times Best Sellers List by buying it this week! ^_^

If you love ALL fairy tales and not just Little Red, stop back March 24th ~ April 6th for
which will feature more reviews, guest posts, author interviews, giveaways, and more!

Here's what you might have missed during A Week of Little Red:


*Off-site, Hannah C. Brown highlighted her favorite versions of Little Red
*Also off-site, Alice in Readerland treated Little Red fans to a book review, fashion trends, and odds and ends
*Stephanie from The Service Mutations wrote a Little Red story off-site!

*A guest post with Marissa Meyer on the 10 Things that Changed from SCARLET’s First Draft
*A New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait was revealed! Featuring Taylor Swift as Rapunzel, we gave a brief salute to 2014's CRESS
*Danya from A Tapestry of Words stops by to reveal The Little Red Riding Hood Case
*Marissa's Crit Partner Tamara Felsinger stops by to share her thoughts on SCARLET's Schmexy Male Characters...and if you read the comments, you'll see even more tidbits!
*Fellow fairy tale lover Debz Bookshelf stops by with her Top 5 favorite Little Red references in SCARLET


*LON PO PO by Ed Young is read aloud on YouTube
*An audio excerpt is revealed by Macmillan for Marissa Meyer's SCARLET
*Ken Brosky, author of THE GRIMM CHRONICLES, writes "Legacy of Red" for a very special A Week of Little Red treat!
*"The Story of Grandmother," an older version of Little Red Riding Hood, is re-told by Hannah Kollef (author of PATH OF NEEDLES)


*You're invited to the 3rd Annual Fairy Tale Fortnight!
*After seeing the Lil' Red Volvo Commercial, I featured multiple versions of the song "Lil' Red Riding Hood"
*A video featuring "I Know Things Now" with Little Red from one of my favorite musicals, Into the Woods!
*Happy Book Day, SCARLET!
*Author Davonna Juroe stops by for an interview about her novel SCARLETTE


*SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce
*CINDER by Marissa Meyer
*SCARLET by Marissa Meyer
*GLITCHES by Marissa Meyer
*THE QUEEN'S ARMY by Marissa Meyer

*Alice in Readerland reviewed LITTLE MISS RED by Robin Palmer

Past Little Red reviews I didn't re-link to during the event:
*PATH OF NEEDLES by Hannah Kollef

The ones that interest me the most on that list are RED HOOD'S REVENGE by Jim C. Hines (Which I own and wanted to do for the event, but meep!)The Red Hood, Black Hood Trilogy by Kenneth W. Hether (Because the summary sounds AWESOME, stating that "Little Red Riding Hood is executed to awaken the powers of her fabled cloak, which is to be worn by a Grim-Reaper called "The Red Reaper"), and WITCHES ABROAD by Terry Pratchett (Which was just loaned to me for Fairy Tale Fortnight, all right!!)

What was your favorite thing about A Week of Little Red?  What Little Red-inspired stuff did I overlook?

Thanks for stopping by all week.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!


  1. Confession: I've kind of been avoiding all posts concerning Scarlet til I read the book! I want to experience it without any preconceptions! But this Week of Little Red was so incredibly well organized and so many of the posts look awesome, that I'm going to star this post on my Google Reader and return to it later to devour when I'm suffering from my Scarlet hangover :)

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews


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