{The Scribbler} When Plots Come Out of Nowhere

I decided to retire Word Count Wednesdays because I don't often bother to post it.
I still like talking about writing, though, and decided to merge WCW into The Scribbler,
which can be for any writing topics I wish to talk about.

Last month during another Scribbler post, you might recall me whining because I was stumped by a character-driven scene that I wasn't planning on having in Super Secret Project Fizzypop.  This was on August 15th, mind you. 

Fast forward half a month and I finally know what I'm going to do.  I think.  Yes, it took me that long. *hat of shame*

A few days ago, I had an idea for an object...a brief, two second scene...that I wanted to include towards the end of the chapter.  I loved the idea.  But how to get there, especially since it's not such a, for lack of a better term, "day time" idea.  It took a few more days, but yesterday I think I figured it out.  And by figuring it out, I realized that this isn't the last time that the topic will be dealt with, either.  I think I can get it in towards the final chapter or two.

I love when writing comes a complete circle.  It's also amazing to me to see the way little problems become huge ideas, or become the fabric of the story to a point where it's impossible to imagine it ever not being there in the first place.

I always enjoy reading when authors talk about scenes that were spur of the moment, especially when they're favorite scenes from the novel.  Now...I'm not saying this will be my favorite scene or anything (I'm not that big-headed, lol), but I always have a hate/love relationship when this phenomenon happens.  First, it's a sense of hatred that I'm blocked and stumped.  It's like banging my head on a wall, especially if I can't write anything until this knot is unravelled.  If a good idea comes out of it (or out of the blue on a random day) and becomes something huge, I always love it and am awe.

Yes, at times like these, I both love and hate writing!


  1. I'm happy to hear you found a solution to your problem. I love hearing about your book and can't wait until its finished.


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