Mermaid Books for Children

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I'm going to work on tomorrow's posts as soon as I'm done with this and also have a Blog Tour stop and a Cover Reveal to share, so I'm hoping to get four entries out tomorrow!


Children love mermaids, too, and there are some great picture books out there for even the youngest mermaid fans.  Which titles are your favorites to read and share?

by Robert D. San Souci & David Shannon

NICHOLAS PIPE is a beautiful picture book about a merman, which is unique in and of itself.  David Shannon's illustrations are spectacular.  The book has a darker, more sophisticated flare and may not appeal to the youngest of children.  It's more reminiscent of another picture book Shannon illustrated, THE ROUGH-FACED GIRL by Rafe Martin, another favorite of mine.

The story centers around Nicholas Pipe, who is able to walk on land with two legs.  He falls in love with a human, who is forbidden to associate with him, and willing to bear extreme hardship in order to be with his beloved against all odds.

by Marjorie Rose Hakala and Mark Jones

The illustrations in MERMAID DANCE are colorful and fun.  I bought this one because I like being able to picture how mermaids might have a picnic and what they might do.  I also love the cover, which showcases two different styles of mermaid tails.  This book inspires me when I want to write about mermaids.  

The story is short and easy to follow, so even younger children will be enraptured by the tale of frolicking mermaids.  They have so much fun throughout the story and I wish I could dive into the pages of the book and join them!

by Tudor Humphries

While OTTER MOON has nothing to do with mermaids, I love it all the same.  The illustrations are breathtakingly gorgeous and make me love sea otters even more.  I cherish the beautiful story of an otter named Flibbertigibbet (In elementary school, I learned this word in an AMERICAN GIRL magazine and remembered it for life; I'm sure this little otter will teach the word to many other children!).  

One day, the King of the River finds Flibberty and gives him an order.  The small otter sets out on a journey and the answer will make you smile when you come across it!  The story is a little longer, so smaller children may not sit still for the entire thing, but older children will cheer for Flibberty and be enamored with his journey.


by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Marie LeTourneau

The title and fun cover for this book caught my attention right away.  A guide for children that teaches them how to track mermaids?  I would have loved this as a child!  

This one isn't a storybook the way the other titles are.  It's designed to be a guide and combines real photography with illustrated images of mermaids.  Children will feel that the mermaids really do exist and use the tricks in the book to look for them.

This book could serve as a fun activity guide when you need something to do on a hot summer day!


by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Fancy Nancy is at it again!  Little girls everywhere are enamored with the spunky girl who knows how to have a good time.  As well as being fancy, Nancy has great taste, because in her latest adventure, she covets the mermaid role in her upcoming dance show!

Nancy brings glitter and fun to her antics and has weaseled her way into the hearts of girls everywhere!  The book has a great message and is wholesome fun to read together as a family.

What are/were your favorite mermaid picture books--or your child's?