Have a Splashy Fourth, Mermaid-Style!

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©Sparkly Engineer; rubber stamps & collaging

I know not every reader visiting A Backwards Story is from the USA, but I still wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th!

I scoured the internet for pictures of mermaids celebrating the 4th, all decked out in their red, white, and blue, and found some fun artwork!

@The Filigree Etsy Shop; paper doll available NOW!
These were both created by hand, and are a lot of fun to look at!

I even found a cute red, white and blue poseable paper doll that you can buy right now on Etsy!

Go ahead, give red, white and blue mermaids an image search via Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever search engine you use.

You'll find some anime mermaids, wedding cake toppers, art such as what you see here, and more.  (And, yes, you'll see a lot of mermaids that won't fit the theme, too!)

Also, be careful if you're playing with fireworks during the holiday!

@Mery Chess
While Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID has proven that fireworks being shot off from a ship are an excellent way to catch a mermaid's attention (Here are ten additional, less dangerous ways to catch a mermaid!), they can also lead to injuries and, sometimes, even death.

Be careful at all times, but don't forget to have FUN!


  1. Great Mermaidy Fourth of July Posts! I love all things mermaidy too. This seems to be our year!

    Happy Fourth!


    1. I would love it if every year was our year. But this year, yes!!


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