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I am so upset neither of these items existed when I was a child!

I found them both when shopping at my local B&N and wished I was still young enough to properly enjoy them, or had someone in my life who was!


This looks like SO much fun!!  It reminds me a bit of the game PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS, which I always wanted as a child and never received.  

You get to dress your little human girl like a mermaid, and everyone has a chance to win!  Plus, the game claims it can take as few as minutes to play, making it perfect when you're strapped for time or exhausted after a long day of work, but still want to do something with your kids.

I couldn't find a link for this one on BN's website, so it might be going out of print soon.  Amazon has 16 left in stock, though, and it's on sale!  Check it out!


Looking at this one from more mature eyes, the mermaid doll isn't all that cute, but she comes in a treasure chest of AWESOME that I would have been drawn to when I was younger.  I could keep everything in the chest or use it for my jewelry.  The chest comes with a book, and a lot of the items in the chest go along with the book.  
(The description states, "This charming, color-illustrated storybook comes boxed with a little mermaid doll, a comb and mirror, a shell collection, a large "magic" shell like the one Melia gave to Beatrice, and glittering replica jewels like those in the story.")  

I would have loved something interactive like this!

This one is still available on BN's website, and I didn't see it on Amazon (Though I didn't search too hard...)


I'm pretty sure mine was the one with the pink hair & yellow tail!

While I didn't have any of the above toys growing up, I DID have a PLAYSKOOL MY PRETTY MERMAID.  I LOVED her!  When you put her in the water, her fin changed colors or made patterns or something.

While the doll is out of print now, there are some ebay sellers advertising them for under $10 (as well as some smaller figurines still sealed in the box)!

Want a real blast from the past?  Check out this YouTube commercial, complete with animated mermaids! (At first, it was weird to hear parts of the jingle that sounded like the MY LITTLE PONY theme, but then I saw in the notes that the combs are the same as the PONY combs, so maybe it's not so surprising...)

What are/were your favorite mermaid toys and games--or your child's?


  1. I remember a few mermaid toys from when I was a kid, but I couldn't tell you what they were. However, I do remember I had the 1st Disney's Ariel doll. She didn't have legs, but rather a plush tail and came with a flimsy rock. I think she was meant to be a collector's toy, but I was 5 so I didn't care.

    1. I had to look up the doll I had. I couldn't remember her name!! I loved her so much, though!

      I can't remember whether or not I had an Ariel doll, hmm..


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