Interview with Sarah Tregay (LOVE & LEFTOVERS) in Haiku Form

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LOVE & LEFTOVERS is Sarah Tregay's debut novel for teens, told completely in verse.  So what better way to interview a verse author than poetically?

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An interview with Sarah Tregay 
in Haiku Form

Have you always written in verse, or is LOVE AND LEFTOVERS your first time implementing this format?

A Love Story

I’ve always loved
mixing poetry and story—
and this is my first.

What made you fall in love with verse format? 
Falling for Verse
I feel as if I am
right there every moment,
touching each emotion.

Your main character, Marcie, likes to write poetry.  Was this a result of the format you used or did her love grow from something more organic?

Marcie’s Voice

In my mind, Marcie
always wrote poetry in
her old blue notebook.

Can you tell us more about Marcie's friends the Leftovers?

The Leftovers

Misfits. Losers. Geeks.
Athletes. Outcasts. Musicians.
They have each other.

It's interesting that you chose to write about a girl who moves and then returns home, changed when everyone else remains the same.  Can you tell us more about how this concept came to you?

Plot Haiku

I wanted to write
a story where the M.C.
makes a bad mistake.

Who was your favorite character to write about and why?


A challenge to write,
because he got so few poems
to tell his story.

Can you tell us about what you're working on now?

A Short Story

I’m experimenting
with turning a short story
into a novel.

Please, in haiku form, tell us what LOVE AND LEFTOVERS is about!

Love And Leftovers
Stuck on vacation,
girl falls for cute boy—too bad
she has a boyfriend.
Thanks so much for stopping by, Sarah.  I really enjoyed the unique haiku format of this interview!

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