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One of my all-time favorite musicals in the entire world is INTO THE WOODS.  It features music and lyrics by my favorite composer, the legendary Stephen Sondheim (Perhaps you know him best for SWEENEY TODD or WEST SIDE STORY).  I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because it creates a perfect Happily Ever After by the end of Act I, only to deconstruct the truth behind HEA in Act II.

Three things made me decide to feature INTO THE WOODS for Fairy Tale Fortnight:

1) My friend was cast in a local production of INTO THE WOODS, and I went to see her perform last night.  Consider me inspired!  It's been a while since I've seen or listened to the show, and I felt myself falling right back in love!

2) In January, Disney announced that Rob Marshall will direct a new version of INTO THE WOODS for the silver screen.  Marshall has also brought the musicals CHICAGO and NINE to the silver screen, as well as choreographed the 1998 revival of Broadway's CABARET.
He has won and been nominated for several Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Tony Awards, among others.  I have high hopes that he'll bring INTO THE WOODS to the screen spectacularly.  PLUS INTO THE WOODS book writer James Lapine, who also directed the original Broadway production will be writing the movie script, which is another sign that the movie will be excellent.  Even better?  Stephen Sondheim is writing all-new songs for the movie.  New Sondheim songs?  I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I seriously cannot WAIT for this movie.

(Although it is ironic that Disney's the one developing this since INTO THE WOODS features the original Brothers Grimm tales, which are more violent in nature than their animated Disney counterparts, not to mention the way Happily Ever After isn't so happy after all.)

3) Every year, NYC puts together Shakespeare in the Park.  Don't ask me why they're adding a non-Shakespeare show to the list, but this summer, INTO THE WOODS will be one of the free shows offered in the park.  I'm already making plans to go!  I'm extra-excited because movie actress Amy Adams (who was perfect in Disney's ENCHANTED) will be playing The Baker's Wife.
Additionally, Broadway veteran Donna Murphy (whom you may know as the voice behind Mother Gothel in Disney's most-recent animated princess movie TANGLED) has been cast as the Witch.

(I wonder if either of these talented women will be considered for the official movie, since they've both worked with Disney before!  Amy Adams in particular is a Disney Darling, having most recently been featured in THE MUPPETS.)

So many exciting things have been happening for INTO THE WOODS lately!  I can't wait for everyone to fall as much in love with this musical as I already am.  If you've never seen INTO THE WOODS, the original Broadway cast is featured on the recorded DVD.  The cast is stellar; in particular, this was the musical that made me discover how much I love the legendary Bernadette Peters.  She's amazing as the witch, and I've yet to see anyone I love half as much in the role, which truly belongs to her.

It's available for purchase, and you might even be able to rent it on Netflix!

The Original Cast Recording is available on CD and iTunes, as is a more recent Revival Recording with all-new performers.


  1. What a coincidence! I was watching it on Netflix yesterday with my sister, and I was wondering if you'd be featuring it during FTF because I know how much you like theater stuff.
    Now I really want to head to New York this summer! I love Amy Adams and Donna Murphy!
    And I can't wait to see the movie whenever it comes out. I have a feeling it is going to be Disneyed down a little bit, because the play definitely has lots of adult things going, but it's bound to be awesome!


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