CINDER's Movie-Style Trailer and Marketing Campaign

Welcome to A Week of Cinderella!  I'm so excited to kick things off!!

I hope you're as excited about this week's celebrations as I am!

And of course, a kick-off of this week wouldn't be complete without some CINDER-goodness thrown into the mix, since we won't be hearing from this book until the end of the week.

Have you seen CINDER's Official Book Trailer yet?  Whether you have or haven't, you may not know just how much effort Macmillan imprint Feiwel and Friends put into creating the best trailer possible!

Publisher's Weekly published an amazing article that outlines the huge marketing campaign behind making Marissa Meyer's debut novel stand out and catch everyone's edition.

And with a debut this splashy, not just any old book trailer will do.  According to the article:

“We worked with MK Media Marketing to make a 30-second trailer that is television-ready, and has more the feel of a movie trailer than a book trailer. That’s what teens are looking for and getting excited about.”

Live-action trailers for all four installments of the Lunar Chronicles were shot in Manhattan last week in a single session, to ensure continuity in the depiction of the characters. Meyer provided the publisher with detailed synopses of each of the books and descriptions of their key characters to help casting agents find actors for the shoot who “really fit the billing,” Killick says. He adds that the shoot also included “still photography as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the actors, to give us additional content to release online to fans bit by bit, to give them sneak peeks of the books.”

Does that have you even more excited about this amazing new release and its shiny book trailer?

Are you ready to see what all the hype is about?

Watch...and be amazed!


  1. Eek! I didn't realize that ALL of the trailers have been shot! Wish we could see them all now!

    1. I knooooooooooooow, right? Amazing and awesome and SO NOT FAIR!!

  2. @Jen: Me too! I want to see all four right now. Heck, I want to READ all four right now! *whines*

  3. I'm with Jen! I wish we could see all of them now, but I love seeing this one! I've started Cinder, but have a few Net Galley books that I need to review first! *blushes*


  4. So fascinating to read about the marketing behind Cinder! As a teacher, I would love to see them put more effort into marketing books to teens because it would make my job so much easier! Any of my teen girls would be impressed by this trailer and run out to buy the book!

    Can't wait to see the other trailers and tidbits! And read the series of course! :)

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

    1. I know, right? I wish more publishers put out articles like this with their books. I would love to see more book trailers on TV! Maybe they'll get a bigger following with ereader tablets?

      We so need to catch up soon, btw!

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