What books should I bring to tomorrow's signing!?

Ahhhhhhhhh, tomorrow's the big signing! I'm really excited! I'm also running around like a chicken without its head even though I shouldn't even be thinking about getting ready until tonight. (But what if I forget to rip my new Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay CDs to my iPod...or charge something? Or, or, or...!)

But most of all, I'm STILL indecisive about what to bring to get signed!

I know I'm bringing John Connolly's THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS as well as buying a few books at the event (Books of Wonder is wonderful in that you can bring one book from home for every one book you purchase). But Tamora Pierce! Tamora PIERCE! What do I bring, what do I bring!?

This video shows you why my dilemma is so crazy:

...When you own every book an author has written, what do you bring? The shiny new book? Your old, weathered favorites? Something else?

Which books would YOU bring to the signing...or what do you recommend *I* do?

Please help me make my decision! (I totally feel like Brooklyn from MY LIFE UNDECIDED by Jessica Brody with this post...)


  1. Definitely get your three favorite books signed. The fact that they are well worn will show that they are loved. I find it funny because those are three of my favorite books, too.

    I think that it is totally awesome that you get to go to a signing and I hope that you have a fantastic time!! :) I hope that I have been helpful.

  2. Ahhh, I would *love* to go to a Tamora Pierce signing! I vote for your three favourite books as well. Personally if I were going I'd probably get the whole Alanna series signed, since it was the series that got me into YA fantasy. Although my books are so ragged (like seriously, SO WORN) it would be kind of embarrassing, LOL. Hope you have fun!


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