Guest Post: Character Tweets (AIRBORNE by Constance Sharper)

This week's tour features AIRBORNE by Constance Sharper with a lovely guest post peeking at a tweet convo between some of the characters!

Leela: Just saw the craziest guy at Mayweather. Like texas chain saw massacre trench coat and creeping around in woods! @Avery stop going out so late!

Avery: There’s no killer! Stop spreading rumors. We live in Alaska. Not everyone is wearing a creepy trench coat

Leela: It had cross hatching. So ugly! Chainsaw massacre coat!

Nate: @Avery would know if there was a killer. They’d be friends of course.

Avery: Drop dead @Nate

Leela: @Nate and @Avery, stop fighting! We all have to hang out tonight!!

Avery: Uh, I got plans all night…

Mason: My coat is not creepy. Stupid humans!

Leela: @Mason, stupid what?

Avery: @Leela, ignore him. He’s no one.

Leela: @Avery This is totally the mysterious Mason you hang out with!! OMG! @Mason you need to come out with us

Avery: @Mason, do it and I’ll kill you

Mason: @Avery you couldn’t kill me if you tried. Besides, you like me too much.

Avery: @Mason, I hate you.

Mason: @Avery is basking in my brilliance

Avery: @Mason I will go outside and get you right now!

Leela: Wait, @Mason is outside right now? @Avery is hiding a stow-away at school? Eek! Juicy news.

Nate: No one cares about @Avery, @Leela.

Mason: We got a problem @Avery. Move. Now!

Avery: @Leela, sorry guys I gotta go. Plz don’t tell the faculty that I’m gone.

Leela: @Avery, what’s going on? I just got back and you’re not even here anymore. And what’s up with all the feathers everywhere? Avery? Where are you?

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