GUEST POST: Melissa Lemon (Author of CINDER AND ELLA)

In CINDER AND ELLA, there is a fantastic element revolving around THE LEGEND OF THE TREES. On page 81 in my nook e-ARC edition (quote subject to change before final release), Sir Tanner describes the concept as such:

“The Legend says that each human on the earth has a tree to care for, and that will care for them. As long as the tree is thriving, the person will live, and as long as the person is living well, the tree will survive.”

I liked the idea of being connected to trees so much that I asked Melissa Lemon to contribute a guest post for my Blog Tour Stop regarding The Legend of the Trees. Keep reading to see how it all came together!

CINDER AND ELLA is Melissa Lemon’s debut novel. Please visit the following links to find out more about Melissa and her upcoming links:

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What if you were really connected to a tree? If you could view yourself in the boughs
and leaves of a tree, what would you see? Are there branches that are wilting because
of physical or emotional injury? Is your tree tall and full and brimming with self

In Cinder and Ella there is a legend. A legend that is known by many in the kingdom,
but not all. It is the legend of the trees. The people in the kingdom share a connection
with the forests around them. And for better or for worse, a person’s tree depends on

I love this concept because I think if you had a way to see through something else what
was happening to you inside and out, or how circumstances were affecting you, that you,
and those around you, would take better care.

Now the question comes: if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Many of
the characters’ trees in Cinder and Ella are not revealed in this book, but I will give you an idea of what I had in mind.

If you are susceptible to sorrow, you may very well be connected to a willow. Those tall
and proud have most in common with an aspen. Are you hard-working and productive?
Then you would probably have a fruit-bearing tree bond. What if your tree is a fig or
a silver birch? You may very well be royalty. And if you are loyal and constant, then
surely you share ties with an evergreen of sorts, possibly a pine or a blue spruce.

I hope to write a sequel to Cinder and Ella, and in that book, the legend of the trees will
come to light even more. For now, take care of yourself, and take care of your tree.
What kind of tree do you think you would be connected to?


  1. What a fun concept! Based on your descriptions, I'd probably be a fruit-bearing tree. Are crazy people connected with nut trees (hardy har har)? And supremely sweet people maples, perhaps, with maple syrup on the inside? ^_^ The possibilities are endless!

  2. Marissa: I don't know what kind of tree *I* would really be, but in Japan, I'd always get inspired each spring when the cherry blossoms bloomed. I could sit beneath them and write for hours!

  3. Oooh this sounds awesome! Tree? I'll get back to you! lol

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