Fairytales: The Next Big Thing?

I'm really hoping "the next big wave" consists of fairytales. There's so much out there right now...and even more on the way.

By now, everyone knows about recent mash-up bestsellers such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Romeo and Juliet and Vampires, and Android Karenina, right? Well, get ready for the next wave, bookworms. In April, author Maureen McGowan is launching two new books, Cinderella: Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer, the first in her Twisted Tales series. I kid you not. I recently received ARCs of both, so it will be interesting to see how the novels are handled. There are also Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-esque elements to each novel, allowing the reader to decide which way the story goes. At the very least, it's an intriguing concept. We'll see what happens!

Just last week on Yahoo, I saw a news article about casting news for a movie version of Hansel and Gretel that features bounty hunters. Plus, there's going to be a new version of Red Hiding Hood in theaters soon as well as the movie version of Alex Flinn's novel Beastly, based on Beauty and the Beast. Plus, last year, SyFy (Sci-Fi Channel) was airing a lot of fairytale movies (my favorite of the bunch was Alice. A hot Hatter helped!) A lot of darker twists are on their way, readers!

About a week ago, I purchased three books by Jim C. Hines: The Stepsister Scheme, The Mermaid's Madness, and Red Hood's Revenge. In fact, I just finished reading The Stepsister Scheme earlier tonight. I'm debating reviewing it on its own or waiting until I finish the next two books and giving you one lump review. Look forward to it! Hines was brought to my attention by author Sarah Beth Durst (Ice, Enchanted Ivy). She rated The Stepsister Scheme recently on Goodreads. The funny thing is that when I looked the author up on www.bn.com, I realized that The Mermaid's Madness was on my Wishlist. Last summer, it was a recommended book when I bought some other mermaid-related book and I added it to my list to look into when I went to the store. (...Oops?) Better late than never! What I like about Hines is the way he turns fairytales on their heads. He looks beyond the versions we all know and love and finds renditions even older than the Grimms Brothers. For example, in one telling of Cinderella, one of the stepsisters plotted to assassinate Cinderella. Hines uses this event to start off The Stepsister Scheme with a team of princesses (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White) that kick some serious butt! The other books will continue the same trio while looking at tales such as The Little Mermaid and Little Red Riding Hood. In July, Hines will publish The Snow Queen's Shadow (featuring The Snow Queen, of course). Just looking at the book jackets, you already know this series is like nothing else you've encountered!

Finally, keep your eyes out on 2012! Debut author Marissa Meyer will be releasing the first book in her Lunar Chronicles quartet, entitled Cinder. Here's the release from Publishers Marketplace:

Debut author Marissa Meyer's four-book YA futuristic, fairy-tale inspired series, starting with CINDER, Cinderella is re-envisioned through teen heroine Cinder, part girl and part machine, who must piece together her mysterious past before she can fulfill her destiny and save the kingdom -- and the rest of planet Earth -- from an otherworldly enemy; as Cinder's quest continues through the series, she finds allies loosely based Little Red Riding Hood (SCARLET), Rapunzel (CRESS), and Snow White (WINTER) -- as they join forces to conquer evil and find their happily-ever-afters, to Jean Feiwel of Feiwel and Friends, in a major deal, for high six-figures, at auction, by Jill Grinberg at Jill Grinberg Literary Management (NA).

Doesn't that make you want to sit up and drool? Jill Grinberg is the agent for other notable Teen authors such as Scott Westerfeld and Garth Nix, and Feiwel and Friends has published books reviewed on this blog such as Halo and The Girl Who Could Fly. On top of that, Marissa Meyer is an awesome person. She's blogging about every step of the publishing process over on her blog, so if you're curious, be sure to check her out!


  1. Go Marissa!

    Aren't we so lucky to be avid readers during what may be a wave of fairy tale retellings?

  2. COVER ART!! *dances*

    Bonnie, you're stellar. Thanks for the shout-out! I of course agree with everything you've said. I love twists on the archetypal stories (obviously) and am so excited to see what writers and movie directors will come up with next!

  3. You're welcome, darling! <3 I want the whole world to read Cinder. I can't wait. The day I post YOUR cover art will be an exciting one!

    I really regret not focusing on MY fairytale piece last year now, but the decision also still makes sense. I think.

    Did you hear today's news? Gregory Maguire's Wicked will be an 8-hr TV mini-series!

  4. I absolutely love fairy tale retellings and I have been on a big kick lately with fairy tale retellings. I have been trying to read a bunch to prepare for an event I have going on in March and Fairy Tale fortnight. Fairy tales are a huge part of my life and I have always fallen in love with the characters. I love the twists and turns authors add to the story.


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