Some of The Top YA Fantasy Kissing Scenes (IMO)!

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This week's topic:

Hi bookworms! This week's TTT is so open-ended. I can't wait to see everyone's take on it. 

I decided that I would share some of my favorite kissing scenes from YA fantasy novels because, well, who doesn't love a really good kissing scene!? And more people are found to be focusing on contemporary fiction,  so I need to feature the genre of my heart today!

Are these the all-time best kissing scenes ever? No, probably not. But they were ones that were unique and stood out in my memory. I remember them even now, and that means something!

I have an odd number this week becausethese are all 5he books that come immediatelyto mind, and many if them have won spots on previous Best of Year round-up from me!

In no particular order...


I already have a 2020 contender for Favorite Kissing Scene! One of the reasons I loved ALL THE STARS AND TEETH so much was because of the chemistry between Amora and Bastian! In my review last week, I wrote,

"And the romance? *fans self* I LOVED the intense chemistry between Amora and Bastian that snapped on the page. Before either of them either acknowledged their feelings, readers could feel it through the page. You know that feeling when you just want to be around someone all the time, when they give you a buzzing sensation in your veins, or when you can feel them walk in the room, and maybe it's a small space and you should be feeling claustrophobic, but you aren't because it's so cozy and just the two of you? It's a sign of good writing that Adalyn Grace could capture that sensation and bring it so fully to the page that the chemistry was literally sizzling and I wanted more of all the scenes where these two were together."

Just imagine all of that fueled into a kiss! *heart eyes*

Check out my review!

 THE DARKEST LEGACY by Alexandra Bracken

As much as I love The Darkest Minds, when THE DARKEST LEGACY came out a couple of years ago, it blew the earlier books away. It was so dark and gritty and raw. PLUS, it had one of the absolutely most unique kissing scenes I'd read in a while. I'm not going to say more because SPOILERS, but it involves lightning, and I love the cover so much more because it reminds me of this scene all the time!

Apparently, I didn't review THE DARKEST LEGACY, somehow, or just can't find it between platforms, so instead, here is my BroadwayWorld interview with Alex, and here is a review of the original trilogy in one post!


This is the book that made me add a Best Kiss Category to my annual Best of the Year posts. I read and reviewed it right before I made my post and it's so geeky/nerdy/perfect, really. 

As my friend Kat who used to review here said when I told her about it, "Oooo, a lab table. Nerd-raunchy! I liiiike it! You always know how to tempt me."

Check out my review!

DEFIANCE by C.J. Redwine

I mentioned this kiss in my review...and if I need to stop and point out a kiss in a review, you KNOW it's a good kiss, right? 

I said: "There's definitely a romantic tilt, though nothing happens for most of the book, just building tension. When these two do kiss for the first time? Definitely one of my favorite kissing scenes in recent memory. I love the unique setting and manner that C.J. Redwine used here, and forgot how much until I re-read it." 

I STILL love that kissing scene and hold it up as an unusual kiss, not the usual sort!!

Check out my review!

THE ORPHAN QUEEN by Jodi Meadows

This book was in a three-way-tie for my Best Kiss of 2015 Award!!

This book. THIS BOOK!!! Ahhh, there is a kissing scene that just makes the fangirl in me SQUEE. It's a kiss of emotions despite not knowing one another's identity. Like when you watch the first Spiderman movie and watch that awesome upside-down kiss. Or when you watch the romance build in Kamikaze Kaituou Jeanne (I included pics in my review when gushing about this kiss!!!)

It just reminded me of so many awesome "superhero style" kisses, and I LOVED it!!!

Check out my review!


This book was in a three-way-tie for my Best Kiss of 2015 Award!!

 THOB is a sequel to THE KISS OF DECEPTION, and part of one my favorite YA fantasy series. I am SO EXCITED to get my heard on the final book, THE BEAUTY OF DARKNESS, this summer!!!

This series is interesting because it has a double-blind, and it DOES have a romantic triangle, and there are people that on opposite sides of what ship the main character,  Lia, should ultimately go with.

SO I CAN'T TALK ABOUT THE KISSING or why I loved it and ahhhhhhhhh, SPOILERS. But needless to say, I really loved it!!!

Check out my review!

THE SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER by Melinda Salisbury

This book was in a three-way-tie for my Best Kiss of 2015 Award!!

This is another book that has a really spoilery kiss.

But...this kiss is a little more surprising. It's not sweet. It's not easy. But man is it emotional!

I can't find my review of this one because it was from more than 4 years ago and Blogger is not always the best at searching my archives!

Okay, so tell me what your favorite kissing scenes are in YA!!!  Did any of these make your list? 


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