{A Twist in the Tail} Help Kickstart VALOR: CUPS -- A Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines!

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I have a new Kickstarter to announce, everyone!

 Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon, who write the free online web comic NAMESAKE, are bringing us MORE FAIRY TALES.

The duo has put together a new Kickstarter Project for VALOR: CUPS -- A Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines.

They've previously done successful Kickstarter Projects to fund paperback and hardcover releases of the first three volumes of NAMESAKE. Both books were created with high quality, and I reviewed them during ta previous Fairy Tale Fortnight.

They have also successfully funded two prior volumes of VALOR. This is the final volume in the planned trilogy. If you haven't read the previous volumes and are interested, there are even reward levels that include volumes one and two!

VALOR is a comic book anthology that brings together writers and illustrators who love fairy tales. It will be printed fully in color, and contain 200 pages brimming with 22 comics, 3 prose stories, and 8 full-page illustrations.

VALOR is a comic anthology project composed of adapted, re-imagined, or invented fairy tales. The anthology is aimed at all-age readers, and is LGBTQA+ friendly.

The purpose of the stories contained within Valor is to pay homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales. Although fairy tales are often presented as a "feminine" form of literature due to the abundance of princesses, a lot of classic princess archetypes are passive, asleep, imprisoned, or offered as a prize. Valor, and all the creators participating in it, want to give female heroines the roles they deserve, to inspire young and old readers alike.

VALOR: CUPS is built around the theme of water as both a concept and a symbol. As such, the fairy tales chosen for this book dive into the themes of pairs (reflection, doubles), growth, transformation, healing and illusion. The cover features a mermaid, as well as a narwhal and a unicorn. In medieval Europe, the narwhal horn was often sold under the pretense of being a unicorn horn, and having healing magical properties, specifically to cure melancholia - an ancient medical concept reminiscent of depression. As motifs, the unicorn and the narwhal perfectly represent the themes of healing, illusion and promise.

Featured stories will be included by:

  •  Vasya by Isabelle Melançon & Megan Lavey-Heaton.
  •  The Frog Princess by Isabelle Melançon & Megan Lavey-Heaton.
  •  Belladona by Kadi Fedoruk.
  •  The Rougarou by Meaghan Carter.
  •  The Raven's Strain by Michelle "Misha" Krivanek.
  •  A New Chapter by ama.
  •  Labismina by Mari Costa.
  •  Rhapsodist in Green by Myisha Haynes.
  •  Lieddi's Redemption by Sunna Kitti & Petra Erika Nordlund.
  •  Scales of Doubt by Elena BarbarichAsh Barnes and Laura Mourão de Castro.
  •  Gerda & Frey by Allison Shaw.
  •  Golem by Sarah Stern.
  •  The Guide by Jessica and Jacinta Wibowo.
  •  The Witch's Apprentice by Kelly Bull.
  •  The Lion Fairy by Val Wise.
  •  The Feather of Finist the Falcon by Kate Sheridan.
  •  The Key to the Kingdom by Birdie Willis and Ann Uland.
  •  The Queen's Dearest Changeling by Lilly Higgs and Amathy S. Jetton.
  •  Flux by Maria Capelle Frantz.
  •  A Castle of Thorns by Ashanti Fortson.
  •  Swanhilde by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.
  •  The Lady of Winter by Shadia Amin and Jaime Pineda.

  • A sneak peek at the rewards!

    ~Here is the Stationary Set, which contains most of the goodies backers will receive at most levels:

    Some of the coolest things about this Kickstarter?

    ~In three days, the project is already successfully FUNDED! Stretch goals will be unlocked next.
    ~In the past, stretch goals have made it possible for copies to be donated to libraries, and for hardcover editions to become available, and for extra stories to be included. Fingers crossed those are stretch goals again this time around!
    ~You can pledge as little as $5. A $5 pledge gets you the VALOR: CUPS e-book + digital wallpaper bundle (And $10 will get you all THREE of the VALOR ebooks plus the wallpapers!) $25 is the first level to include a physical copy of VALOR: CUPS.
    ~Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon can be trusted to send you the final product. They have successfully finished every Kickstarter they've created to extreme success, and frequently have extra copies that they sell on the comic-con circuit. You're NOT throwing money away. You're about to get a quality product!

    But seriously, these are some good-quality books! 
    Here's a vlog from FTF where I show off how awesome these bound copies look:

    YouTube Link

    You have until February 16th to secure your copy and help fund the book into reality!
    VALOR: CUPS is set to begin shipping in August 2020!