O P E N I N G   L I N E:

(pg. 3, US Hardcover Edition)

It is so hard to find a great picture book series for children that is both fun for kids, colorful, and brimming with a great message. Even better is when the book features a diverse cast of characters. So many parents have complained that are too few fictional books with characters that look like their own children. So many available titles are non-fiction. When I heard about the Princess Cupcake Jones series, I was immediately intrigued for many reasons. Earlier this month, I reviewed PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES AND THE MISSING TUTU, and today I'm here to review Cupcake's next adventure as she explores THE QUEEN'S CLOSET.

What little girl doesn't dream of dressing up in her mother's clothes? Who hasn't gotten into Mommy's make-up or tried on grown-up shoes?

 Right now, my niece LOVES taking our shoes and putting them on our feet--and then putting them back on her own! She's also in love with shoelaces atm, so I think it's time to get her a shoelace-tying book! This little girl is stylish already, and always wants to put on her own shoes--even her boots!

(And they are the CUTEST...I want them to come in an adult size, please!)
[....hey...why is that dog Photobombing in the background!?]

I'm really excited to share PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES AND THE QUEEN'S CLOSET with her. I think she's going to adore this book, especially as she gets bigger. This past month for Halloween, she discovered the word DRESS UP, and I can see fun times coming. She's certainly going to start going for everyone's shoes again, and I just know this book is going to click with her!

I also love the sweet backstory at the end with Cupcake's mom and Cupcake's own childhood.

This is really a great book to share that's so easy to relate to!

No matter who you are or what your background is, Princess Cupcake Jones is great for all children. Little kids obsessed with series such as Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious or the Disney Princesses will especially love these books. It is so easy for kids to see themselves in these books, too.

In addition to  PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES AND THE QUEEN'S CLOSET, there is PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES AND THE MISSING TUTU and PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES WON'T GO TO SCHOOL. TUTU is about learning how to put things away where they belong if you want to find them again. SCHOOL is a perfect edition to any child worried about going to school. That first day can be awfully scary, and many books feature this monumental occasion in fun ways that take the fear out and bring back the anticipation. I'm looking forward to what other adventures lie in store for Cupcake and her young readers in the future, and think that the three books out so far are a great start to introducing a new character that will be beloved by children from generations to come.

The Princess Cupcake Jones books are so much fun. There's also a secret game! Every single page of both books has the word "love" hiding somewhere on the page. Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes you'll be looking for a while! It's so creative! I also like the way the pages rhyme in a way that's catchy and attention-grabbing.

I really hope this new picture book series is embraced by many new readers and becomes more mainstream in bookstores across the country. The more people that read and hear about a series, the more popular it gets. A local picture book author, Eli Kowalski, wrote a picture book series entitled KUSHKA, THE DOG NAMED CAT a few years ago, and it went from being a small local favorite to a book that is now being carried at every major bookstore across the country. I'm hoping the same success will happen to Ylleya Fields and her endearing creation Princess Cupcake Jones!

(And how can you help spread the word? Ask your local libraries and schools to order a copy to share with young readers!) 

O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Author: Ylleya Fields
Illustrator: Michael LaDuca
Release Date: July 13, 2015
Publisher: Belle Publishing LLC
Received: For Review

Princess Cupcake Jones loves exploring her mom’s closet and trying on shoes. In the closet she finds herself in a transforming make-believe world of fun. When Cupcake discovers a special box that she hasn’t seen before, curiosity propels her to explore what lies within the mystery box. And once she looks inside, she finds herself in a shoe-filled situation that is more than she could have imagined.  Children will delight in Cupcake’s discovery and will enjoy searching for the special word (“love”) hidden in each illustration.