Is OPI Pop Culture Worth the Cost? Swatching the new 2018 Collection + Thoughts

I've had quite a few people comment on my nails in the past ask what I was using or wish I'd done a close-up so they could see better, etc., etc., and had a realization: Why not do a feature on nail polish? It's not book-related (Unless you're wearing the new HUNGER GAMES-inspired line from China Glaze, but I'm not even going into how wrong that is...), but it's fun. Plus, if I do this feature, I'll be more likely to re-paint my nails this week and less likely to let them chip their way to the bare bones (which would mean that I could see my nails...and if I see them, I want to bite them!).

Long-time readers know that I love nail polish. I have a constant struggle with my nails cracking and breaking--especially the nails on my index and ring fingers at the moment! They've finally begun getting longer again this year, and this is the first new nail-focused video I've done in a long time!

I was really curious about the new OPI "Pop Culture" collection. I saw it featured in the weekly ULTA AD and it looked like it would be perfect for doing anime/manga or comic-book style art! I was eager to test it out!

So like any good nail researcher, I went online looking for swatches. And I heard some REALLY mixed opinions about this collection.

I didn't want to blind buy it, so instead, I painted my nails white and went to ULTA to test out the polish!

Here's how they came out:

YouTube Link

My final thoughts?

Definitely NOT worth it. They're cute if you're doing French Tips and designs, but not if you're doing a full nail. Full nails look like old nail polish gone wrong. And half the colors don't look very bubbly anyway. The only two I liked at all were purple "Pop Star" and pink "Get Bubbly." I loved the color on the red "OPI Pops," but that one flaked from the very beginning, before it was even dry.

Also, I painted my nails on Tuesday afternoon. They were flaking like crazy on Friday, and my nails were breaking as they chipped at work. I have a lot of short nails again. I'm not happy with that. I know part of the issue was that it's a polish you don't use top coat for, but the polish itself was an issue, too.

To me, it's not worth the cost!

Have you gotten this nail polish line? Did you have a better time of it than I did?? I hope so! ^_^